Friday, February 29, 2008

smiles down under

A smiling table-scape!

Anna smiles and designs down under
Inspiration comes in the shape of smiles to me.   Smiles from down under each and every day motivate me to create absolutely beautiful things.  Anna has the talent for keeping me jumping with joy as she has many wonderful images and ideas all in her store, her home or her incredibly deep pocket of ideas for interiors of the heart.

Anna posts not just beautiful, but absolutely gorgeous things that make me smile and feel love,
life and laughter.  Effortlessly ordered arrangements take on new meaning as they make new friends atop a chest, a "table-scape" or a wall.  I just imagine her as "Cream rising to the top"
as she has a way of editing and bringing a careful yet carefree order to her world down under in Australia.  Makes me want to hop right down there and see her in action.

I was inspired to paint these images and then send them to her.   Anna posted them last year before I had joined the blogosphere.  Her attitude made me feel gratitude to connect and begin my blog.  Thank you for your encouragement and your smiles.   As my mother always reminds me that "Smiles add years and sighs take them away" so I encourage each of you to smile at life.

Smile at what makes you happy.  Step aside from the laundry, that pile of toys, the dirty sink and make yourself some tea and time to visit Anna.  You will suddenly feel younger as you smile your way through absolutely beautiful things.  Click over and have a "gooday mate"
Thanks Anna for inspiring me with smiles deep down under!  
Wishing you a sweet and lovely day.


Anna Spiro said...

Oh, you are way to nice - this is a lovely thought. Thank you for your kind words Patricia and for your continued interest & support!

Anna Spiro said...

Sorry about the spelling mistake!! Way too not way to!!
Thanks again - so sweet of you!

ALL THE BEST said...

Anna is one of the best! Those are some of my favorite paintings to date! I'd love to see more of your paintings.

pve design said...

You are way too cute!
Happy smiling weekend!

Yes, I am working on some more paintings!
As always, you are the best!

Kwana said...

I love the painting and Anna's blog. So inspiring.

LondonCalling said...

I saw your paintings of her tablescapes posted on her site the first day I discovered blogs. Ypu are both so talented and inspiring!

Eileen said...

Those paintings are beautiful!!!

Tara said...

I always stop in to see Anna--great place to be!

hazel said...

Patricia, I'm adding you to the top of my list of people I am amazed by. Thanks so much for your words and your art!