Tuesday, February 12, 2008

folk heart

Be it ever so humble, Amy of Design DNA sparks my imagination with her love of found objects and witty collections.  She posts her findings of feathers, vintage charms, architectural passions and hand-made items that she creates along with other artists that inspire her.   A simple folk to heart.  As a child she would rake leaves, gather moss, and collect her items into an architectural gathering.  A collective canvas leading to three dimensional terrariums.
Something about her work is growing on me.  (Most of all, I treasure her humbleness.)
Her work has a macabre wit, soaring with creative ingenue, yet all contained with an orderly restrain.   Look to design dna, for she has lit upon some exciting finds.

I illustrated an idea of Amy raking up her findings
to collect for her next - bigger project-
this folk heart has wings to soar.
below is a photo of one of her creations which hope springs eternal.


Kwana said...

Wonderful sketches and I love Amy's blog.
I've tagged you today. Check it out and have fun.

LondonCalling said...

It is a great blog. Smiles, LC

design dna said...

oh WOW! i can't believe how sweet you are! that is beautiful and what nice things to say! it is so nice to strike up these supportive relationships. so much motivation!

thank you, thank you for such a beautiful drawing of my little dream world. i just love it!