Thursday, October 24, 2013

cart horse

By now, this bar cart from Target has been shared by every stylish blogger and it made me think what a "work horse" this item is.  Is your excuse that you don't have dedicated space for a home office?
Why not create your very own personal office on wheels?

It sure reminded me of this great cart from Russel and Hazel.    I love the idea of having everything you need on wheels and can cart it from room to room or keep it in a corner.  During the holidays, it can easily be transformed into a cocktail cart or a beverage station.

Do you have a dedicated work space or room for creating?  How would you kit out this cart horse?


ArchitectDesign™ said...

so useful if you have the room. I have a number of trays I use to carry things between rooms. Dinner to the couch to watch movies, breakfast to my bedroom so I can lay in bed reading magazines while eating my toast and my big pot of tea on Saturday mornings, taking all of the junk that accumulates on my coffee table off when guests come over or I want to put my feet up -you get the picture!

pve design said...

I love trays too. Trays and baskets really help to organize things or "collect" them all in one spot!

Karena said...

I do not have a cart however would love one for my paints brushes a small easel etc. My condo is on the market and my local studio has closed, so it is difficult to have a mess our when being creative!

New_2013 Designer Series

CDS said...

I love carts like that. My favorite are the vintage hospital ones!

Unknown said...

It seems very nice. I love the trays the color was awesome.
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BRASWELL said...

your suggestion of baskets + trays is right on the money.