Monday, September 30, 2013

monday motivation - smile

 Did you ever think about giving a smile to someone as a gift or a little spot to record smiles.  Sharing a smile can be just as motivating as it can be contagious.
 Last friday evening I hosted a party for a friend's big birthday celebration and let me just say, there were so many smiles.  I created this bouquet with sunflowers, chinese paper lanterns, mums and some other odd dried items that resemble a ufo.  All the same it makes me smile.

A wonderful florist created this centerpiece for me and I love all the shades of orange.  It just makes me smile.  Share a smile today or even a hug with someone who might just need some motivation.


Lisa Mende said...

You are gifted at making people smile! I know you have made me smile many times!

MJH Design Arts said...

Hi Patricia, Yes, a simple smiles can change a person's perception of life and outlook. It happened frequently to me when I drove for Meals-On-Wheels. A smile of recognition to a homeless person can have an enormous effect. Thank you for the reminder--so easy to give, and equally easy to withhold.