Saturday, April 20, 2013

neon extreme

 Now is the time to show your true neon and support "Neon Extreme."
Blogger and photographer Cheryl Spark's daughter founded Neon Extreme in honor of her Father.
 In 2011, 12 friends were inspired by Alexandra Sparks' father Kenny and his battle with Frontotemporal Degeneration (FTD). They were looking to raise funding for research and awareness for this horrible disease so They joined together and formed a running team and they call themselves Neon Extreme.  They set a goal to run in the Cape Relay, a 190-mile relay race that started in Quincy, MA and finished in Provincetown, Cape Cod while raising $15,000 for FTD research.  That year, the team far surpassed thier goal, raising over $25,000.
In 2012, Neon Extreme tripled in size, growing to 36 runners.  Fundraising aspirations grew as well and the team raised $50,000 for cutting edge FTD research while running a combined 570 miles in 24 hours.
 Neon extreme circles.
Alexandra Sparks in the middle and friends,
Sharing the journey of life and showing support for neon extreme.

In the third year they've grown once more.  This year the group of 72 runners will run a total of 1,140 miles (the equivalent of running from Boston, MA to Jacksonville, FL) over 24 hours on May 3rd and 4th while they attempt to raise $100,000 for FTD research.

I have been reading Cheryl's blog for a few years now and always appreciate the comments left on my blog.  Although we have not met in person, I do look forward to the day we meet.  Having read Cheryl's blog, I have felt a close connection to her journey of love, loss and honoring a life taken too soon by Frontotemporal Degeneration (FTD)

I sent off a package for a raffle, the above illustration, some notes, a tote and a fun wooden tray with a neon border that I found at one of my nearby shops, maisonette shoppe.

Read more about project Neon Extreme in New York City this evening.

photos from Cheryl Sparks


Acquired Objects said...

What a fabulous cause and bringing so many others together. I love their theme of neon extreme. I have a friend here who runs those distances I'll have to send this over to her. As always your artwork is amazing so generous!


john bord said...

When the mind is set, it is amazing what can be accomplished.

Way to go.

pve design said...

Thank-you. I am truly grateful to see the strength shown by so many individuals who hope for a better future and rally to get behind a cause that might change the odds for another life.
All it takes is one person to make a difference.

Indeed. It is what we need in the world, our mind sets need to focus on the good that we can accomplish.
What a week we have had here, Boston is in my heart and mind.

My Notting Hill said...

What a wonderful way to honor her father both during his life and after his passing. I'm sure she greatly appreciates your contribution.

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

How wonderful to see people coming together to further a cause, especially one so beautiful as the love of a father and daughter. What a wonderful example of the goodness in the world.

Have a beautiful day, Elizabeth

pve design said...

I know that her father is surely shining his love on his daughter and all those who knew him.

I know, can you imagine the energy it takes to rally and get behind a cause that is near and dear -
I am in awe of so many people who find ways to raise awareness and devote themselves to a cure.

Cheryl said...

There are not enough words for what you have done. Your kindness and generosity does not surprise me, and yet to be the recipient is so touching.
What Alexandra has done, with the help of those who love her is stunning. To see how it is now reaching others, educating and raising money for research is astonishing. Kenny is watching over her.

pve design said...

The pleasure is all mine.
My Dad always tells me "Just love" - I think love can inspire great things. You obviously must have shown great love to raise such a lovely daughter and to care so much about the future and hope for a cure for FTD.

Donna Boucher said...

What a wonderful post! Fabulous illustration! How talented!~

Sandy at You May Be Wandering said...

What a wonderful cause to support, Patricia. I recently discovered Cheryl's blog and story and have been touched by the love in the words she writes. Her daughter beginning this charity just makes me realize that even more. Hugs to both you and Cheryl!

Have a beautiful weekend...xoxo

Woodside Park said...

Thank you for sharing this story and organization with us, Patricia. Amazing cause and very impressive work by Alexandra and everyone involved. I wish Neon Extreme much success, and hope they exceed the $100,000 goal!
Take care,

Unknown said...

God bless these kids and their work! Best wishes for exceeding their goal and making a dent in the research involved!
xo Nancy

annie@mostlovelythings said...

I loved reading your story...I too "know" Cheryl and have read her touching words on "A Coastal Point of View" and I think it is absolutely wonderful that you got involved by creating an original piece of art for the event. I'm sure Cheryl is so happy and her beautiful daughter too!

The enchanted home said...

Patricia I am so touched both by what Alexandra felt inspired to do, such a beautiful way to honor her father and keep his memory alive. And by your kind and generous heart. This is a wonderful idea and there could be no better wonderful!
Thanks for featuring this, Cheryl is a gem and I too hope to meet her (and you) one day!

Brooke said...

Wow! Amazing and so cool. I love it. thanks for sharing. xo