Saturday, September 24, 2011

mod counterpane

 As I prepare my home for the coming cooler nights I feel the desire to add a hand crafted mod counterpane to several beds.  The one above I found on etsy.
 Imagine waking up to this blaze of sunny yellows and oranges.
 The artist hand dyes the cotton.
Note the meticulous colored stitching.
love the reversibility factor.

Rainbows seem to be on the upswing.  I saw one the night of my daughter's back-to-school night.
What sort of mod bedding would you like to wrap yourself in.  


Unknown said...

I love the orange perfect for the autumn season

Unknown said...

I love that yellow and navy and the fact that it's handmade. Just beautiful!

Formerly known as Frau said...

I would love some orange and browns!

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Deidra said...

I love all of these! What is mod counterpane? Is the pattern, the stitch, or something else altogether?

Karena said...

The stitching is so beautiful. I love the orange and yellow, would love to see it in creams and blues as well!

Art by Karena

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Barbara von Enger said...

Ah, the orange gives everything a happy, golden note. Like a citrus sorbet. Ideal for the autmn/winter nights.

Anonymous said...

Love the vibrant colors in these. Very mod.
xo E + J

The Buzz Blog said...

Perfect for a teenage boys' room and will have to explore more of the site with my sons!

madilla said...

Wow! Great inspiration to sew a play blanket for my son! Thank you!