Wednesday, February 23, 2011

dear to me

I found this little blue deer tote that I think would be dear to this talented lady.
Shari of little blue deer is a dear to me for giving my blog a love lift.
I think she needs this tote!
Shari was such a dear to work with.


the gardener's cottage said...

i love it! your new blog look and the tote. oh yeah, and i love shari too.


Divine Theatre said...

That is so perfect!
I'll wager she thinks you're pretty special too!

Unknown said...

Adorable! Shari is hands down the best in the business! I'm so glad you had her give you a lift! :)

xo E

quintessence said...

What a thoughtful gift. Shari is so talented and has given so many blogs, including yours, a beautiful little fact lift!!

pve design said...

thanks and love your fresh liquid breakfast!

awww, you are pretty perfect yourself.

pretty pink tulips-
feel like I had high-lights or somthing....ha ha

yes, she is amazing.

24 Corners said...

Shari is so talented...and such a 'dear'...I'm sure she would love this!
xo J~

Joyce said...

I think she did an awesome job and would love the tote! xo

Bruce Barone said...

I like the clean lines and simplicity of the design much!

Janell @ House of Fifty said...

Your blog looks fabulous! Shari is great to work with, she did my blog and is working with me on the design and layout of House of Fifty! Fun tote...

Crystal said...

Love the tote! :-)

John J. Tackett said...

A great, always appropriate graphic!

Unknown said...

Fantastic! Beautiful site!
You have an eye for the right things!
I adore Shari's blog!
Greetings from Vermont!!!
xoxo Victoria

CREED said...

I love the remodel!

LindsB said...

I LOVE the new look around here- so fresh and clean looking, just beautiful!

Aspiring Kennedy said...

shari is awesome... i love that tote! :)

and your new blog is looking mighty fine!!