Sunday, February 27, 2011

goldy chair

Wishing I had this cushy goldy chair to watch from!
Wishing I had one of these goldies too...Will you be watching the Oscars?


quintessence said...

Love the chair!! I'm hoping to watch but have much to do - dying to see all the fashion!

Karena said...

Oh yes, Patricia I love the Oscars to see the fashions mostly...well the winners as well!!

I have a wonderful offering on my site!!
Art by Karena

Ann said...

I AM watching.. the red carpet.

That chair looks mighty comfy~

Unknown said...


Your blog site is all dressed up for this special occasion! How Oscars of you, love the gold, the glam chair and the present of the "Oscar" of course. I'm watching currently. Have a great evening.


Unknown said...

That goodness for multi tasking...I can watch the Oscars and drop by to chat with friends! Wishing I was in that comfy chair.

Unknown said...

GREAT chair! I started watching and then the TV DIED. Really! My man is still trying to hook up the other one. Hopefully the DVR is still recording. So I'm reading blogs instead ;) xo

Crystal said...

Oh what a wonderful chair. Looks really comfy! :-)

Unknown said...

Great chair...and the blog looks great too!