Thursday, August 06, 2009

paint by number

Thank-you to Style Court for including me and my palette in your series.  I feel akin to the fine host and her bevy of palettes.  
I am contemplating a show of work with a small local gallery.
I would love to know what sorts of art you would love to see.  I am trying to focus on one subject for this show.  I want my work to be uplifting, happy and something to bring people out for an evening.  I am considering a cause, connecting to one that needs a little paint to add some funds.  
Tell me, one "subject" you would love to see in my pve design style and what is a good "number" of pieces for a show?  


Debra said...

Hmmm...Let's see. I love your illustrations of people in action. Moms pushing a pram, children playing, Dads enjoying a sport. Then again your interiors are so fabulous~books,books and more books with a fire nearby. But then your home illustrations are so warm and inviting. What visitor would be able to pass up wanting a commission of their own home? Oh, I'm no help at all am I? When I show my work, I have no fewer than 12 pieces. Can't wait to hear more.

pve design said...

See, it is hard to choose just one sort, but I know that I will just let the work flow and see where it takes me.

Joyce said...

Oh dear I already know I will be of no help, because I LOVE all of your art!! I really want to say CONGRATS! This is a wonderful thing how you want to bring it all together, tying it to a cause.

My first instinct was to say your people (children, adults young and old) Illustrations because of the personality you bring alive on the paper, but then I love your garden, landscapes etc... because they draw me into the moment.

Yes, let your heart, mind and soul speak- it will all come together.

The hardest for me would be the cause to pick.

My friend please keep us posted so we can follow along as you prepare.


Kalee said...

Looking forward to checking out the post, how wonderful!

I love that you want to connect to a cause, that is fantastic. A grade school would be a charming place to start. Or, it would be great to do a piece on adopted pets, with the proceeds going to the Humane Society. Just a thought- I know that whatever you create will be great!

pve design said...

Thanks! You are the best cheerleader!

When I was in Chicago, I walked by an animal shelter and a young couple was walking by and she said,
"Let's move to a farm and take them all" I had to laugh because in my heart, I was saying the same thing.
Thanks for your suggestions....

Purple Flowers said...

If I had to select one type of illustration, I would select people in action. They are chic, and yet very relatable. I love your creativity; it is difficult to select just one, however, that would be it for a gallery exhibit.

Emily said...

You're home illustrations are really wonderful, & I really like your works on nature (from gardens to seaside). Good luck with this project Patricia!

Shandell's said...

I love your animal portraits, they give any one a smile.

Deidra said...

You have so many "fun" and "happy" illustrations, you could probably do a show that focuses on finding joy. At least that's what I feel whenever I see your work. I think the art show idea is fabulous, and you will be hit for sure! Let us know what you decide!

littlebyrd said...

That is exciting! I think your interiors or gardens...those would be really fab. A number. I have no idea. Maybe 15-20? You will have to give an update on this project!

Kwana said...

Patricia, I think a gallery showing is a great idea. Remember we were just talking about this. I also don't think you should focus on one thing. I like Diedra's idea of "Joy" . It's your art and it should be about you and what gives you joy. A showing of your work and what you want to put out there.

Go a series of artists dates. Go around the city and town, sketch and see where things take you.

Then go from there. You are an amazing watercolor artist, home illustrator, portrait artist and still life. Don't forget your oils.

Remember great artists go through seasons.

Please look at the art I have from you in my home? My little home card which I cherish and have framed by my door. And my 2 oils. All wonderful. What you do from your heart will turn out fine.

Here is the old interview with you:

Whew! Did I go on. LOL.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Oh, I see your pretty face!! Lovely!

Yes, you should most certainly have a show. Of course, the subject I would choose would be "dogs"!!

home before dark said...

I was so glad that Style Court put all of you into a grid. I kept flipping back and forth and craved the idea of seeing you all at once. Such creativity and technicolor eye-popping beauty.

I say follow your heart and about what to paint. Your home illustrations are always soul-filled. I think your blog readers are a good microcosm of what the general populace likes. Have no fear and go forth!

P.Gaye Tapp at Little Augury said...

PVE- I agree with Debra. Hard to choose,But I love your interior rooms with the owner's portrait included. I can imagine a few I remember already. This could be a great storyline. I would do at least 20 pieces of Interior Portraits. la

Swetha said...

i don't know exactly what i want! But all your works were great and simply adorable

Jo said...

This is such a hard question to answer ~ I love all the pieces you've featured!

Best of luck on your adventure~


Anonymous said...

Your art is consistently joyful and uplifting. That's your modus operendi and is one of the reasons I am so attracted to your work.

As for a theme or type, don't limit yourself. Browse your own work to see what attracts you, see what matches the "current" you. That will probably go along with whatever inspirations you stumble upon in the sketches you complete between now and then. Don't clip your own wings. Go with your gut and stay out of a rut.

If you limit the show to one type, that might be all that people associate you with. Show a variety of types so they can see the possibilities. You can still donate the proceeds to a desired cause. The feature painting for the advertisements, posters, post cards, etc. could reflect the charitable cause, but the rest of the show could be a variety.

As for the number of paintings, show as many as you can get away with tastefully displaying. When I go look at artwork, I want to see as much as possible! I can't get enough. Keep us posted!

Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

What a difficult decision? Well, I love everything you do, so whatever you choose will be perfection. However, you made my heart sing when you mentioned pairing the pieces with a cause - this is important!

Pets, children, habitat for humanity, or even your garden pieces to bring awareness to eating from the Earth - like the victory garden movement.

What Kate Wore said...

Goodness, we are the worst person in the world for this sort of thing, but of course that won't stop us from offering an opinion. If there is one quality we associate with your work it is a sort of effervescence, a bubbly and carefree happiness that permeates much of the paintings. And we think of it most with the people you show, although it is also present in the landscapes and homes you create.

Now that we have been utterly useless, we'll just send wishes that you enjoy a wonderful weekend!

pve design said... each of you.. I love reading and re-reading these and writing words down to work by...bubbly...I like that very much.

EvyRealtor said...

You have the gift of variety, so showcase your talents with as many examples as possible. Let people see your range! I especially love the pieces with homes, gardens, and happy-people activities.
Aligning your show with a charity by dedicating a percentage of profits, for example, says much about the soul of the artist. If you paint it they will come!

pve design said...

You are so right! Thanks for your guidance and support.