Thursday, August 13, 2009

circle of friends

A circle of friends.
The power is in the circle.

I spotted this book several years ago and wondered if there really is some sort of vital sign in circles.  Has anyone ever seen "crop circles."  I find them full of intrigue from a design perspective.
Suzani ottoman, posted by Bryn
The circle is often used in design and this Suzani design is a wonderful example.
"Circle Unbroken" book by Margot Theis Raven
I imagine that many circles of friends were started as a way to teach others as well as a time to socialize.  I think of many circles, sewing circles, reading circles, knitting circles, fitness circles or art circles.  
Do you have a circle of friends that provide a smile, a laugh and hope to your life.
I highly suggest gathering a circle to those of you that may be in between jobs or in the thick of parenthood, or in any field that may be isolating.
The support of a circle of friends adds sunshine to my life and I hope this post leaves you with a thought to ponder or to circle about.


PS~Erin said...

Yes, and I am so thankful for each one. I feel truly blessed that I have girlfriends who love me.

pve design said...

Yes, you are so right and thanks for the INcouragement.

Kwana said...

What a beautiful post and so true. I guess we were thinking alike today with our blog posts.

jae said... important. i saw something recently that said people who have close friendships live longer...not really a surprise. the circle is very powerful...think about wedding rings. that first image is terrific!

Purple Flowers said...

"And the seasons, they go 'round and 'round"
I believe circles bring people together, whether it is done intentionally or not.
Thanks for the post; it is a great topic.

Debra said...

I simply don't know what I would do without my circle of friends~ near...and far!

Summer is a Verb said...

That ottoman is fabulous. As is your writing...XXOO

Prairie Girl Studio said...

such a lovely post ~
there is great power in the round ~ a natural feeling of connectedness and security and healing ...
when we've come full circle we find peace ...
funny you should mention crop circles as our neighbour stopped in yesterday and was commenting about when cutting his oats he came across (in the middle of 'nowhere') a neatly 'mowed' circle with all the grain all gathered in the centre almost like a nest! no real answer ~ perhaps the wild boar nesting?
i am blessed to have loving friends and will share your thoughts with them, growing the circle wider!
sun, moon, peace,

Anonymous said...

While I sometimes find having an internet based business to be quite isolating, the circle of blogging friends I have make it so much easier.

A big thank you to all my blogging friends and to those still to come.

My best,
Tricia - Avolli

Unknown said...

Circles can mean wholeness, unity and represent femal power. In that way it's a wonderful symbol of the strength, loyalty and power that lie in tru friendship, a bond that can nevr be broken.

Thank you pve :o)

Dumbwit Tellher said...

You certainly have given me something to think about. An inspiring post PVE. As I get older I realize the importance of true friends. I have just found it hard to find those that are indeed true. They are like precious jewels.

Thank you!

Kalee said...

Great post!

tyler said...

invaluable. it seems i have several circles that often intersect. i love the rhythm they create in my little world. and just the form itself is mesmerizing i think. thanks for the reminder to appreciate my circles.

gina said...

Crop circles are a mystery! When you get through the book - share your findings.

The circle - God's pattern - such a beautiful symbol in so many ways - reflected throughout nature, art, -Another interesting design - mandalas -such intricate design. I am fascinated by mandalas and the layers of meaning they contain.

A circle of friends - What a blessing to have.

Anonymous said...

Oh, absolutely! I shudder to think of who I would be in this life without having jostled against all my great friends in the journey!

Blog Author(s) said...

The crop circles share information via their sacred geometry. For more info you may want to read Dave Wilcock's personal blog @ his website Divine Cosmos dot com. His site is vast, so you will have to dig, use the search option to help.

I have always suspected the reason why corp circles are not freaky is that there is a calming harmonic in the design that somehow communicates with our DNA. I know too much information.

Good luck anyways.