Sunday, December 16, 2012

sunday sparkle

Grinch got your glitter?
 I felt dull and lifeless after the tragic happening last friday and my heart aches but it surely does not mean that my right to shine and sparkle needs to be darkened.  
Each of us need to feel motivated to shine, to radiate joy and to find our inner gift to light our day.
Everyone deserves to sparkle.
A little glitter, a sequin, some star dust....
 That joy, that thing that makes us glitter is for life and not just for Christmas.
Just like the Grinch who tried to take away every bit of joy, he soon realized that he could not squash the spirit or sparkle of Christmas.
 Even the simplest brown paper package wrapped with a glitter ribbon takes on new meaning.

 An sparkly snowflake on top of an all white sweet cupcake suddenly sparkles.
 A glittery sparkly top can help to get ones shine on.
How do you add a sparkle to your day and to those around you when Grinch seems to be working hard to take it all away?


Sandy at You May Be Wandering said...

Patricia - Dull and lifeless is a good way to put it - I couldn't put into words what I have felt since Friday but that pretty much sums it up. Thanks for the sparkles to brighten up the day - I need some motivation to get back into the Christmas spirit and finish my decorating, shopping and wrapping. xoxox

Formerly known as Frau said...

Listening to the kids in my neighborhood laugh and play helps to slowly bring sparkle back after such a heartbreaking weekend. Praying for these families and hugging your child a little tighter.

Jojo said...

We are busy getting ready for Christmas parties this afternoon and I just had a similar conversation with my granddaughters. They are so excited about putting on a sparkling dress but we talked about being much more beautiful in that dress when you share love and kindness.

Purple Flowers said...

We had dinner last night with a longtime friend, and actually found our laughter again. It was wonderful.

Jennifer C. Webb said...

a bright post. I was out shopping with our 4 year old yesterday and was stopped by a kind older lady. She just wanted to speak to my daughter....remarked how heartbroken she has been since Friday...she was happy to see us out together enjoying each other. That stranger was the glitter in our weekend

Jessica Ryan said...

I wish I had seen this this morning. Ah well, it's never too late for sparkle! Thank you! xoxo

An Urban Cottage said...

I agree.

If I ever lost a child, I think I would want the world to stop and take notice. On the other hand, if we let an evil deed stop our joy--our sparkle--then evil wins. We can pay tribute and move forward at the same time. We have to.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Brown paper is such a sophisticated background for showing off beautiful ribbon. Love it!

simply seleta said...
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simply seleta said...

Thank you for this much needed sparkle in the week. I absolutely loved your cardinal analogy and images in the previous post, such meaningful thoughts.

I like to add sparkle this time of year by snuggling next to the fire with a hot cup of tea. The children usually grab a few books and curl up in a blanket. Some even sneak in a marshmallow (or two) to roast while we read. It's all about soaking up those simple moments that add a sparkle to the soul.

Thank you for sharing your light.