Monday, April 09, 2012

monday motivation - "so help me"

Often times, I find myself saying or praying "so help me" and so often help or chance encounters come to my rescue.  I call it "divine intervention."

I have long admired one talented designer and blogger, Sherri Cassara Designs.   If you do not know Sherri, she is an obsessively detailed and uber talented hard working woman with a heart of gold.  She is passionate about life, love, family, faith, decor and design.  Well, Sherri came to my rescue.
I just knew that she could assist me in getting control over my thoughts for the design of my art studio.

All of my ideas felt scattered and she simply confirmed my ideas and gathered all the pieces together and composed these boards.  Thus far, I have everything in my studio, except for the chairs.

Well, everything except for the chairs and the rug.  The rug is an indoor outdoor rug.  Things are coming together with a little help from my friends.  Thank-you Sherri for your kindness and your help.
Book case, Ikea Expedit
Magnetic Dry Erase Board, Staples
Powell Lights from Klaff's Lighting
Storage, West Elm
File cabinets, CB2
Walker Table, Crate & Barrel
Go Cart, CB2
Easels, Amazon

Chairs are on my list and I am scouting for stools for the work table.  The dry erase board will be hang bove the desk for posting inspiration and commissions.

Thank-you Sherri for your help.  You are an angel!


Unknown said...

Looks like help arrived!!! Love how your space is coming together..."with a little help from your friends!"

Happy Monday!
xoxo Elizabeth

Belle on Heels said...

I can't wait to see the final result. It looks like it's going to be fabulous!!

Karena said...

Sherri is so great I am so glad you teamed up with her. Your studio will be wonderful!!

Art by Karena

Joyce said...

Your corner looks just as I imaged it would. Love the crispy white, with my fav green splashed in there. Once you get some of your beautiful art work on the wall it will feel like home. :) xo

Acquired Objects said...

Sheri's great and glad she could help you gather your thoughts. Your studio is coming together so well you should be proud.

Happy Monday!

The Buzz Blog said...

Perhaps Sherri could help me put my thoughts together for our kitchen remodel - feel paralyzed and indecisive right now! Need a magic fairy or genie right about now...

Unknown said...


Sometimes it takes an "Angel" to know another "Angel" .

At times as creative as we are alone in some cases two are better than one.


Ivy Lane said...

so happy for you! Your studio is going to be great! Hope you'll "reveal" it to us!

Happy Monday!

Laura Casey Interiors said...

Sometimes it takes awhile to get it together but when it does you will be so relieved! Looking good - Laura

Unknown said...

Thanks Patricia for you sweet words - I loved getting a chance to get to know you better, hear your voice "in person" and to be a small part of your new studio! I can't wait to see the big reveal when everything is in place! xo Sherri

Holly Gruszka said...

I just saw Sherri's post and had to hurry over to see your post. I love when I see two blog friends collaborate and I can't wait to see your studio come together.

MJH Design Arts said...

Yes, it is definitely divine intervention. And the space is looking fantastic!! Mary

BRASWELL said...

Since I am newbie, this is my first time that you asked for help and a friend came through for you. Two heads are always better then one, I speak from personal experience. Love your

traci zeller designs said...

What a wonderful space that will be! Sherri is just delightful, and what a fantastic team the two of you make!


Oh boy...this is gonna be good. LOVE the idea of the large dry erase board!

balfourray said...
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LindsB said...

I so wish I had a space of my own like this! How lucky to have a studio space to call your very own and do do all your beautiful work in. I'm sure you are going to create some real masterpieces in here and I can wait to see what they are :)

Unknown said...

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