Friday, October 28, 2011

tweedy week

Here is a snippet of my week which reminds me of a tweedy melange.
Above is a commissioned illustration that I did outdoors of a home, that reminds me of a Swiss Chalet.
I was such a gorgeous morning, the leaves were falling and swirling all around me.
Apples were given to me which made me smile.  I enjoyed my day!
 Finally got a rug pad for this rug that I added to the kitchen by the built in pantry.
Been stocking the pantry with beverages, holiday goodie boxes for gifting and napkins.
Master Bedroom deep floors and lovely light walls and warm sun!

 My floors are stained a lovely deep rich warm stain.  The Master Bedroom walls are moonlight white, Ben Moore which reminds me of fresh egg whites.
My Waterworks .25 tub made it successfully into the Master Bath although it is not yet "bath ready" because it needs to be situated by our plumber.
 The Simply white color with the glass tile in the shower looks 
a tad warm, so I am giving Martha "Bakery Box White" a try which has a tint of misty watery blue.
 Made an Apple Pie.
 Cleaned, chopped and cooked some fresh veggies for soup.
 My daughter on the left (and her dear friend) had Colonial Day at her school this week on Wednesday which was great fun.
Thank-you for fellow friend Victoria and blogger- Art House Design, for loaning such a charming dress, apron and bonnet for the day.

I told you my week was tweedy mix of random musings!


Unknown said...

Looks like your week has been full of comforting things. Nothing beats hot soup, a full pantry, getting organized...well, maybe getting in that new tub for a long soak!!!

Happy weekend, Patricia!
xo Elizabeth

Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

Wowzer what a week...looks like you bake as well as you draw! xx

Kwana said...

Aww the girls looks great on Colonial Day. Wonderful!

I Dream Of said...

What a lovely week! Thanks for letting us follow in your footsteps. I loved picturing the swirling leaves and wish I could pop by for a piece of pie. Your girls look adorable!
Hope you get to soak in that tub soon!
Have a lovely weekend! XO

Southern Lady said...

Sound like a perfect week! Your daughter is lovely. Hope your boys are doing well at school. My Catie loves her new college life. I can't wait to see your "after" pictures. Carla

Purple Flowers said...

Love all the photos, especially your illustration of the chalet - simple beautiful.

Unknown said...

Patricia, what a satisfying week you've had! I love the tub you're putting in, I remember when you were first planning it--and those glass tiles are so pretty too. Can't wait to see how it all turns out! Wishing you a very happy halloween {a bit early}!

xo Mary Jo

Diane said...

Your new wood floors are very pretty!

Anonymous said...

a good week! I just love your dark floors and the bath, well - just fabulous!! I speak as woman who is searching for the right bath!

Ann said...

OK- you've inspired me to close the computer and make apple crisp with the apples that I just brought home!

Your new tub looks like a great place for soaking! Looking forward to seeing the bedroom when you are done.

the gardener's cottage said...

i hope you don't ever stop posting on tweed. well maybe during the summer...that pie looks Amazing and love the shots of the house.

Unknown said...

What a delightful week you've had!
Busy,but good!
And you darling daughter looks very fine for the day....I am glad she enjoyed it! Surely, it was a highlight for my children as well!

Enjoy tailgate weekend with the boys!
Much love!

Emily said...

What a week! And I love it that your daughter's school had colonial days. How fun! They look darling.

Formerly known as Frau said...

Your home is coming the dark rich floors! Girls look so cute in their dresses and bonnets. Have a wonderful weekend!

Joyce said...

I love this photo of the girls. Oooh, I'm loving what I see in the bathroom. The hint of blue will be perfect. I hope they get everything finished before the holidays. Enjoy! xo

Pat said...

Some tub!

Unknown said...

What a perfect week I'd say! LOVE that tub!!! You are full of fun aren't you? From the pie, the gift boxes waiting to be filled, and of course, your amazing illustrations - ah, to have such talent! (and energy!). xo

quintessence said...

Lots going on - all good!! Love your tweedy illustration and your apple pie looks delicious!! Can't wait to see more of your glamorous bath!!

Mrs. Blandings said...

Ah! Love the pics of the house - and that rug! I will be thinking about it all day.

Dizchick said...

I think I just found the tub for my dream bathroom. Very nice taste!

24 Corners said...

I love everything from your egg white walls to your wonderfully oval-egg tub!
I need to make an apple pie now.
xo J~

Summer is a Verb said...

That tub! I'd never get out...XXOO

Unknown said...

I absolutely love your bath, a perfect modernist take on the traditional free standing claw legged versions. Horray for egg tubs!

Carrie Waller Watercolors said...

Love this post!! Great to take a peak at your week. Love those floors and that tub, divine!! Your daughter and her friend are so cute in their period clothing.

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Belle on Heels said...

i'm just now catching up on blogs post-wedding and had to tell you that your pie is just GORGEOUS!!!!