Monday, December 20, 2010

dear santa

Dear Santa,
Just wanted to make sure you had my list.
Arches paper.
new brushes.

Hurry down my chimney with this.
or through my studio door.
a new shelf for my art studio.
I promise, I will create new artwork.

More micron pens , please santa.
tree from parthenia paper etsy (little-augury)
You can leave the presents under (my new) tree!
(due to arrive before x-mas)
Anything polka dotted, I love.
an easy to spot bag for holding my pens.
A vessel for my brushes.
Love to take Summer classes here.
That's all Santa.
I know how busy you must be!
Good luck with all the letters and lists.


Ampersand Design said...

What a lust worthy list.

Hope you get all that and more Patricia!

Sandy K

Purple Flowers said...

I hope Santa brings you everything you have on your list. You've been very nice, and I am sure he knows it.
Have a great day!

Formerly known as Frau said...

perfect list I'm sure Santa will bring you all! Have a wonderful week!

Anonymous said...

It is so fun to see what you use to create your amazing illustrations! Merry Merry!

Susan McClaskey said...

Hope you get EVERYTHING on your list! We'll all benefit from it!

LiveLikeYou said...

Sounds like a great wishlist!! That ans some free time.

quintessence said...

Wonderful list- hope you get it all although Santa might have a tough time getting that easel down your chimney!!

Aspiring Kennedy said...

I would love to just sit and watch you work. I wish I was toned in my "creative self" as you... That brush vessel is perfect for you!!

Dana said...

I know you have been a good girl, so I am sure Santa will bring you these things - if he doesn't run out as they are all on my list as well!! ;D

What luscious photos!!

Very Merry~~

ArchitectDesign™ said...

I hope santa brings you all these and more -so you can keep delighting us with your drawings :-)

I Dream Of said...

Such a great list -- you can definitely never have enough of those micro pens...they seem to just vanish at my house. I hope Santa is good to you this year... and can't wait to see what you create from the items on your list!
Have a merry week!

Joyce said...

A perfect list for a good girl! xo

Hill House Ramblings said...

Oh yes Santa...please bring Patricia more art supplies so she can keep creating her gorgeous art. Hear, hear!

Love that "vessel" from Pigtown Designs. I can think of a few things I would like to put in it myself.:)

I hope you get all you are pining for. Happy Holidays!:)


Maria Killam said...

I love this list, I need to create one, how fun Patricia!

Dovecote Decor said...

I just heard on NPR that Santa does not go down the chimney any more. The Dali Lama taught him how to dematerialize and walk through walls. That easel would inspire me to paint again, though, comment we must! Happy Happy Christmas, check on our fun giveaway!

Unknown said...

Those pens look so cool..not to mention that lovely vessel for holding your brushes, so very you! Hope Santa is good to you!

Unknown said...


All this and more good things. What a great list! Remember to always ask for more than you'd hope to get.

Santa and the universe work together to fill the voids in life. Stay emotionally on a higher plane because as childen we remained in the "Spirit of Christmas" and were never disappointed. Cheers!


24 Corners said...

May you get everything your creative and talented big heart desires!! Love your list!
xo J~

designchic said...

Santa, the art supplies are a must for Patricia to continue to grace us with her fabulous artwork...and the others - for fun!!

Carrie Waller Watercolors said...

I hope you get everything on your list. Merry Christmas!!

pve design said...

Your comments make me feel less selfish....I guess we really do have to believe there is a Santa, right? I think I saw a reindeer last night...and I know I spotted some elves yesterday...
ho ho ho-

LindsB said...

I hope Santa gets your list and you get all of that and more this Christmas!

PS- I'm so glad you liked the necklace and bracelet!!