Wednesday, October 27, 2010


There is something charming about creating a "still life" with wee pumpkins and a well loved copper pot. What sort of pot will hold the candy for your trick or treaters?


Kwana said...

I have a plastic Halloween bowl that I've been using for years and I'll pull it out again. Tradition is fun.

Purple Flowers said...

We've been giving out candy from a small black cauldron for years now. I think I like it more than the kiddies. :)

Pigtown*Design said...

Haha! My amazing copper stock pot that I found for $15 at a flea market, and then discovered at Williams-Sonoma for $400! WOOOOO!

La Maison Fou said...

I have a circa. 1994 Pottery Barn xlrg yellow ware bowl, used every year and always does the trick!

mamacita said...

Awesome cauldron you have there, pve. I was just thinking about that this morning (as I was eyeing the Halloween candy). I decided that I had to use a container that works in the house for the other 364 days of the year, which has always led me to the stainless mixing bowl. Practical, but not much fun.

I think now I might be on the lookout for one of Meg's Miracle Finds. A copper stock pot sounds perfect.

Bruce Barone said...

We use a basket!

pve design said...

I know how sentimental this Halloween will be for the both of us - but it is nice to know that we have traditions that will keep on glowing!
Have a good one!

Purple Flowers,
Oh, I love the sound of having a "cauldron" for candy-
I bet the kiddies love it...too.

Only you would score such a brilliant find. I think "things" must have a way of standing at your attention. Loved seeing you on Nate.

circa 1994, now that sounds like a fun bowl to have all year long. enjoy your halloween.

I think whatever we use, it still is all about the candy.
One home here gives a choice of a "potato or candy" and still candy is the top choice...tee hee.

Have you photographed that basket?

Karena said...

I just may have to set up a still life for creativity! Yours is perfect Patricia! I aore the copper!

Art by Karena

Gretchen O. said...

I might use my new to me antique hotel silver ice bucket.

--Gretchen O.

ACH said...

I love the color and warmth of copper this time of year!

Carole said...

Love your copper cauldron.

Emily said...

I love this image for a still life. I'm sure the illustration will be brilliant. Just as my butterfly prints. I adore them. Thanks pve!

LindsB said...

Beautiful pot, I wonder the stories of all the meals cooked in it.