Sunday, December 20, 2009

santa baby

Tartan, tattersall and ties all add a bit of festive flair during the Holidays. It is always fun to see designs appear in the form of merchandise! You can buy this tie for "Santa Baby" to hurry down the chimney on Christmas morning!

This witty design was illustrated (August 2009) for a tie pattern, for happy jolly souls to sport.
The design is sketched and then the colors are decided in what is called a "strike-off" or a "sample" from the factory. This pattern is woven on a "Jacquard" loom to produce intricate designs. There is something fun about wearing holiday ties or socks to add a smile. Look closely and see who is pulling the sleigh?

Do you have any Christmas accessories or attire to deck the halls this week or is that a major faux pas in your book?


Purple Flowers said...

Those are fun drawings; I like them. I have a special pin made by a woman I once knew many years ago. She moved away (to Calif.) and left no one a forwarding address. Maybe she was heading off to become an elf.
The pin is white lace (in a fan shape, abit of tartan ribbon and a poinsetta all glued on the lace fan. It's sweet,and I always think of Babette when I bring out my Christmas decorations.

Unknown said...

Sweet vignette!
Love your seemingly quick little scetches. Even though they take time as well!
Fun tie!

Victoria, from winter wonder to shovel too! :D

Laura Casey Interiors said...

Love that fun Santa Baby!!

Dana said...

Fun, fun! Love your staccato style!

Unknown said...

I wear the fun socks, tiny Christmas light necklaces, or Xmas pins. It's the season of fun and cute.



Debra said...

I would love for my husband to wear this tie. I admit to not wearing themed clothing. Not a faux pas! It's fun and I love it on others. I do have a RL sweater that's navy blue with a big white star on it...maybe I'll drag that out this week. So, I guess I do have something 'themed'. This Santa Baby is adorable- a cute card too.

Jane said...

A bit not me I have to say. In Australia you see people wearing Christmas hats in the street and also earrings. I love the kitsch Christmas jumper present (as seen in Bridget Jones) and yesterday I bought for 10$ a beautiful little glass Christmas charm bracelet. xoxo

Easy and Elegant Life said...

Broke out the red plaid sportcoat for a Christmas brunch today. Santa braces also make an appearance (well they never appear in the public rooms, but you get the idea) for Christmas Eve's formal dinner here at The Manse.

I gave up on most other novelty wear when I wore a pair of green and red reindeer socks to Church one year. They played "Jingle Bells" when a small button was triggered. Which happened during a very solemn moment when I crossed my legs... Nothing to do but glance around and look faintly perturbed by whomever would be so... Anyway, Merry Christmas. Let's tie one on!

Deidra said...

I used to have a Christmas sweater that I wore every year until a friend brought to my attention a crudely placed pom-pom. Thank God for gutsy and honest friends!

Santa Baby, sung by Eartha Kitt, is my very favorite Christmas song!

Mary-Laure said...

Too cute and funny!

Check out the pics of my sister's wedding in Paris, I just posted them on my blog...

Karena said...

Some of the holiday attire is , well tacky, however there are some good designs, Wearing the classic reds, greens tartans are always classic

Greet Lefèvre said...

I love that tie and I wish it was a habit in Belgium to wear that by Christmas! But I have seen only Christmas hats untill now!
Your drawings are real fun and beautiful!!!

Have a Merry Christmas and a fabulous 2010!!!

Tara said...

Hi P

You know, during the year you find the Christmas holiday accessories and you think, Why do I have these? Then the holidays come rolling around and you are searching in the bottom of a drawer for the socks, Santa's pretty funny!