Saturday, March 12, 2011


“You can only be young once. But you can always be immature.”

On my calendar this week is a myriad of mature tasks along with my birthday.
I am thinking a slide might be a nice gift to keep youth alive.
(love the yellow pillow strategically placed for a soft landing)

When was the last time you went down a slide?
Did you feel young or slightly immature?

quote -Dave Barry


Sarah at Finishing Touch Interiors said...

That looks like a lot of fun!

Formerly known as Frau said...

It's been forever since I've gone down a slide...I would feel young....probably giggle the whole way down. Have a Happy Birthday this week!

pve design said...

fun indeed.

laugh and probably leak....that would be me.

Purple Flowers said...

I would probably laugh at first, and then realize what I was doing and wonder how I will land. A child at heart, and then the mind of an adult.

Heather said...

Happy Birthday, Pve!! I hope you slide into a fabulous celebration! xxoo

pve design said...

I love having a child at heart outlook to each day.

yes, I hope I can slide into another year with grace.
Birthdays take on new meaning each year.

VictoriaArt said...

You will not believe it, but I thought of a slide down to our basement yesterday as we again reshuffled our stuff after yet another flood!
Hope you are good!

bricarwaller said...

Oh my, wouldn't that be a cool addition to any house:) I don't think I'd ever see my kids again, hmmm, more painting time for me:)

Happy Birthday!!!!

Tricia Rose said...

I have often thought a slide would be better than a fire escape, and far more fun!

art2cee2 said...

Well first of all I hope you have a happy birthday. Secondly, I am totally immature. No one can accuse me of not being in touch with my inner child, and I proud of it! :-)

Liz, Viive and Benji said...

Oh good!! My friend has a fire pole from her second floor into her play room. My eighty year old friend, however recently hurt her back going down a slide with her grand daughter. She is truly fun. H.B.

abby jenkins said...

What a fun room that is! Last time I went down on a slide must have been a decade ago, at the elementary school I attended as a wee lass. With my bday just past, I might have to revisit that, maybe take a few spins on the merry go round too

Happy birthday!

Sherri Cassara said...

I love the quote .. and I love slides! (and there were some great slides on that link)! Hope you have a very fun birthday!

annechovie said...

Looks like fun! Have a great weekend! xo

Jenny said...

Wow you just took me down memory lane... Last time I went down a slide was about ten years ago... I know doing it again would be just as exciting as it was back then, butterflies all the way down. weeeee.

Loretta Fontaine (APPLESandRUBIES) said...

Patricia- Happy Birthday to you! We have a slide in our backyard and I use it, too!


Claudia Lane said...

it looks great but way too dangerous for my poor sore back!!!...
Have a great week! My son is having a birthday too this week..his is on st. patrick's day, when is yours?
And remember whatever you decide to do just enjoy and have fun :))

Anonymous said...

I can not remember when I last flew down a slide, but having seen these would love one at home! Wishing you a very Happy Birthday too!