Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Nothing like the tick-tock of a clock or a deadline to motivate one to be on time. Since my focus this month at the old blog has been dedicated to motivation, we all know that a deadline is a sure fire way to get one on track. Did I just here you cheer? Do you impose deadlines for projects? Love to hear how you work under pressure?

Excuse me while I find my inner calm in the midst of a few critical deadlines.


Anonymous said...

Don't know about you but I do seem able to work to a deadline - always deliver on time even if its just hot off the machine. But hopeless at self imposed time lines!

Claudia Lane said...

Deadlines are scary for everyone, no doubt about that...this image is scary too but funny at the same time!...Hope you're not too stressed :))

Formerly known as Frau said...

I used to work well under pressure as of lately I have all the time and no pressure...oh wait I'm looking for a job using my time wisely. Breathe PVE you will make it just breathe!

Stephanie Sabbe said...

I am 100% a deadline person, I do not get much done without them!

By the way, my husband was looking at your stationary and was like "wow, this is the nicest paper ever"...and it totally is, gorgeous! You'll have to share what you do with the fabric! thanks again!

I Dream Of said...

Deadlines are such a way of life in my work day that I don't impose them very often out side office life -- which is probably why I have so many unfinished projects on my home desk right now!
Good luck meeting your deadlines!

LindsB said...

I have a deadline of this Saturday to get everything done...its coming faster and faster and I cant believe it!

Joyce said...

Even though at times I look like Regan on the Exorcist when I'm under pressure, I do work better with deadlines. It helps me to stay focus and not have my head spin.

Maybe today will be the day a small treasure will be on your step to give you a break from the stress. In the meantime breathe and focus on the prize. xo

quintessence said...

Oh dear - I am behind on two big projects. I sadly may have to take a little break around here for a few days to get them done!!

pve design said...

2 hippos-
I am trying more self imposed deadlines! A friend of mine told me to relax and not be too hard on myself...so I just breathe and look for the calm in completion!
there is an ahh feeling when the list gets wittled away at.

I thought this would be a good "scare" tactic for myself. Yes she is scary, like a head mistress or a mean boss who both just are thinking about one's best interest....to stay on task!

Did I mention I am back to working out?
Another deadline which is a 2 piece suit.

nothing like the birth of a baby to add a little fuel to the fire....thanks, love my paper. Did I mention I love nice quality paper....which helps deadlines take shape.

C'mon, I know you have a deadline to meet every day so when you get home, you need to find time to re-charge the batteries. Hope you find time to play with your artwork and de-stress.
best to you -

24 Corners said...

Deadlines work wonders for me but I have no ability what so ever to impose them upon myself!
Best with yours...
xo J~

cocolini said...

This image made me laugh. I have always been completely hopeless with setting deadlines for myself. Although I am getting better. Slowly. Slowly. For me the trick is to give tasks a specific time limit and set aside time to do those things only. No distractions!! And the big one is not to take on too much at once, as you are setting yourself up to be stressed and not accomplish anything. Small achievable deadlines. Your blog has been inspiring me very much lately - thank you for the motivation. love cocolini

Michelle said...

Yes, I'm with ya sista...soon as we listed our house and started to de-clutter and fix up, 4 new projects came my way...happy to busy :) but those darn minutes keep ticking away...so annoying when you don't have enough of them !!

Your studio looks great...I am SO exctied for you!!