Wednesday, March 02, 2011

down time

Love this image, everyone seems to be kicking back and relaxing.
We seem to all be so over programmed that creating time to do nothing is refreshing.

Love your thoughts on down-time?
Part of finding motivation is taking time to un-wind, right?


Joyce said...

I think down time is good for the soul and piece of mind. I like to spend my down time either taking a walk or spending time with my family and friends. They always seem to fuel my spirit. xo

Heather said...

I love down time, that for me is browsing a bookstore or sitting by the fire with my family!

Claudia Lane said...

And isn't it great when it's the whole family "chilling" together? Priceless...:))

pve design said...

Yes, I too love walks and spending time with family and friends...of course, I also love to add good food and beverages to share.

Right - a book store, I can get lost and the time just goes....

"Chillin" - love that word.

Karena said...

Oh I think it is so important and we all need it and find it so hard to take that time.

Art by Karena

Prairie Girl Studio said...

it can be difficult to take down time
in this silly old world of 'achieve' ...
i still like the old fashioned idea
of putting in a full day and
enjoying the evening
kicking back ...
just like the folks
in this awesome pic!

Nessa said...

What a great photo of relaxation and enjoying your family. We need to schedule time for this.

Ideezine said...


I wish people could be off all during winter until spring. To retrain our bodies to follow natures call instead of falling apart at the seams. Slowly slowly awaken to spring and regain our full momentum by summer's end. We'd be motivated all the time.


Lindsey said...

I love this too! Makes me feel relaxed just looking at it! ha ha! Thanks for sharing!!

I Dream Of said...

I think down time is essential to being creative, inspired and motivated. Perfect down time for me is a great book and a good glass of wine or cup of coffee.
Time to power down. XO

The Zhush said...

down time is my favorite time...can't get enough of it!:)

LindsB said...

love the boy on the ottoman, this doesnt look like a staged photo to me :)

Kathysue said...

Love down time and spend more down time now than ever. Oh the beauty of retirement!!! The only thing missing in the pict. Is a couple of kids laying on the floor. My guys use to do that will pillows and blankets in hand!! I think as a society we spend waaaaay too much time on the go and making plans for what we will be doing next. Love the picts!! and thanks for making us think, Happy Weekend, Now I need to get back to my down time, KS