Thursday, January 03, 2008

Silence of the rosy lamb

I am an artist but never mastered sculpture.  I still remember getting the red hard ball of clay in kindergarten and by the time it was even malleable, it was time to put it back in the Charlie Chip Can for the next visit.  
You could say, Sculpture haunts me.  I find it intriguing that a sculpture can be formed from clay to an almost life-like image.  Sculpture exudes the essence of one's soul.
This photo is one of a young girl, her name is "Clarice"- sculpted by an artist, Rosy Lamb.  Rosy lives in Paris.   She has quite the CV, Curriculum Vitae and her work is breathtaking. I admire the way she gave an impressionistic quality to her hair.  The face is so real,
and so silent.  Silence of the Rosy Lamb has no fear in my book.  


Cote de Texas said...

Clarice - oooh - that sends chills up my spine!!!!! you're right about the artist - there is such a "real" quality to this sculpture.

So exciting about your blog!


pve design said...

oooh- this is even more fun than I thought! All you grande dame bloggers are adding so much fuel to my blog! thanks for y'all's support!
may I add you to my blog envy list?

Homegirl said...

I like this face too and your writing is great Trish...silence of the rosy lamb is spooky. We are all little lambs in our innocence. Life throws little poopy snowballs our way and we have to dodge them or meet them head on. Here's to whatever works for today and to facing up to it.

Style Court said...

Patricia, I can tell I'm going to enjoy -- well more than enjoy, be stimulated by -- your blog! I love your work.

ontploffing said...

Hi Patricia,

Great blog.

I'm a friend, and fan, of Rosy Lamb. Her new web site is up at A big improvement on the old one, and she's got a lot of new work posted.

I don't know where you're based, but she'll have a show this fall in Montreal, starting Sept. 18, at