Monday, January 14, 2008


Bringing Home Baby

Coming home has a special meaning to each and every one of us.    A visit back to the childhood home, or simply returning home from a long walk to find things as we left them, gives comfort. Home illustrations are special to me, they represent a place of honor and one of memories,  a new home, a new born, ear-marking an anniversary or just a gift to yourself!  
I work from photographs and never do the same house twice which makes each one original, unless you live nearby and would like me to come and "meet" your home.  If you are looking for something with a personal touch, this is worth the wait as you see I have a "waiting list."  Plus, I can renovate or landscape with-out all the head-ache.  Need a fence or winter to be spring?

After all, there really is no place like coming home, and of course "blogging" all about it.

isuwanee  (above) 


ALL THE BEST said...

How adorable!! I love the concept!!!

Kwana said...

So cute! What a keepsake. My home sketch is one of my most favorite things.

Braque68 said...

Hi Patricia,

I finally had found the time to look at your blog. Love what you are posting.

Don't they say "home is where the heart is?"


Anna Spiro said...

You're just SO clever!!

pve design said...

Home is where the art begins!
Lucky for me, I had some great teachers and now some really fabulous clients with lovely homes!
Thanks for all your kind comments.