Saturday, January 05, 2008

Eye candy

Have you ever wanted to just add a bit of drama to your look?  I have been wanting to purchase a pair of false eyelashes for a special soiree, Tres Audrey Hepburn chic.  I thought about getting these during the holidays, but worried that they may be a bit Phyllis Diller-esque or even worse-
might land in my soup!
Then again, not a big investment to be found at Sephora, and they certainly would add to my wink factor.  


Mrs. Blandings said...

I had a big "do" over the holidays and gave these a whirl. I got mine at MAC - and they gave me a lesson on applying them in the store. Which turned out to be handy. They looked a little silly until the dress was on...then great fun. As an aside, my mother wore false eyelashes everyday. Everyday. Can you imagine?

pve design said...

A mother who sported False eyelashes everyday, now that's fun!