Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Art in the Family.

"Snowy Valley" - Liz Thieneman Coomes

One always asks, Is everyone in your family talented?  I reply, why yes, silly.   I always thought that every family possessed the rare and unique artistic genes.  Lucky for me that my mother never allowed any of us to be bored.  We were always doing, making, baking, playing.  Each of us inherited unique qualities to take with us when we left the nest, never realizing that we were the lucky ones. 

Big sister inherited the gift of literature and has a way with words, recipes and paint.  She is a mother and I liken her to the female equivalent of Gandhi.    My eldest sister is the mecca, a voice of calm and a leader of my people.  She takes care of many a family crisis and is there for any disaster.  She still makes time to paint, bake, sing, care, love, mend, mother, wife, and sister me.

I thought I would post one of her lively paintings here, titled "Snowy Valley." 
I love the way the trees are strong vertical players and the stream is the horizontal flow.  If you look closely, the stream is moving.  The strong blue casted colors provide a chilled light, warmed by the red of the trees and I imagine day will swiftly turn to night.  The brushed silver frame adds to the wintry mix and this is the perfect painting to bring cool to your home.  I will be posting more of her work along with some fabulous secret family recipes.  Thank you to my sister no. 1 for sharing with me her love of paint and to our Mother for keeping art in the family.


Anna Spiro said...

Wow you definately aren't the only one blessed with artistic genes Patricia! It sounds like you are all a very creative bunch!!!!

pve design said...

Indeed, one of the lucky 7!
All inherited artistic genes in our own unique way!
Thanks for your dazzling comments!

bmaas said...

How beautiful! She is the lucky one. She gets to be your sister, why couldn't that be me?

Kwana said...

What a beautiful painting. Talent just flows through your family.

ALL THE BEST said...

Beautiful Patricia! A lovely painting and a lovely family it seems.

Homegirl said...

Thanks for your warm-hearted words on a wintry day! We are lucky to have had each other – all seven of us kids – and a mother who always went beyond any imagined or real bounds and a father who always brought home the bananas! Even my jeans are grateful for my genes, especially to have created a soul sister!