Thursday, January 17, 2008

pve gone wild

I am wild about zebra and love this chic tunic.  This is on my wish list and now I am seriously thinking that I will dust off the Singer and give it a go.  Just yesterday, I opened a catalogue and there, right there was zebra!  Eureka!  Great minds think alike, after all "chic is where you find it."  The above photo is Bonnie Cashin in her design studio.   A girl after my own wild heart!


annechovie said...

Go for it, Patricia! I bet you'd do a fantastic job! Also, you've been tagged!
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pve design said...

ooh, i am it- need to finish some sketches here, after that I will follow your rules and get back to you!

Erin Gates said...

Patricia- thanks for the comment on my blog and stopping by! I absolutely LOVE your illustrations and have actually always admired them when coveting your J.McLaughling prints-and now I know the talent behind them!

Bayou Contessa said...

Patricia, I love the zebra thing-you are right-I think you are on the cutting edge. Thanks for stopping by my blog and keep on checking, I hope to have lots more that will inspire your wonderful sketches,

Patricia Gray said...

I love Bonnie Cashin's style. It is still so fresh and current.