Thursday, November 08, 2012


Our first November sky fall of snow left a blanket of white.
Indeed, it seems odd to see leaves and snow falling simultaneously.
We lost power again on and off yesterday and then last night we went to bed early as the power went off.  In the early morning hours, I heard the hum of my printer and felt the glow of lights turn on.

While I count my blessings, I also count the days that we have had to do without and now I shall add the snow days to my list as I do believe we are in for a long winter.


Divine Theatre said...

You are, as always, in my prayers.


Henhurst Interiors said...

Would you believe the local ski areas are making snow? Strange that in the last few years it seems more natural snow falls south of us. Hope you are digging out with no trouble and remain with power restored.
All best,

Jennifer C. Webb said...

snow only so pretty if you don't have power. Many prayers

ArchitectDesign™ said...

Hope you are holding up ok in all this crazy weather so far - you've been hit particularly bad in your region. Maybe it's a sign that the rest of the winter will be calm?

eLIZabeth Floyd said...


I hope you can find some moments of calm and peace today.

Maybe a cup of tea, and a moment to listen to the muffled quiet that only occurs when snow has fallen. Even in times of adversity there are moments of powerful optimism and joy.

Maybe your region will see the last of the bad weather soon.


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Thinking of you today. What a wild ride you've been on lately. Stay warm, drink tea. You and yours are in my prayers. xo, p

Anonymous said...

It must be so difficult, snow added to the hurricane and flooding. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

kayce hughes said...

OOOhhhh coldie.
I hope you have some "normal" in your future.

quintessence said...

I feel very lucky as well to have survived Sandy with a mere loss of conveniences. But mother nature clearly has some tricks up her sleeve. According to the Farmer's Almanac we are indeed in for a snowy winter season!

MJH Design Arts said...

So much snow!! Just what we need in SC. I'm glad that your power is back on--stay warm.

BRASWELL said...

I say my prayers everyday for you, my son + the millions that Mother Nature has affected.