Monday, November 12, 2012

monday motivation - soldier on

Part of motivation requires one to soldier on.  This is my son who is a sophomore ROTC student at RPI.  He will be 20 years old in February and I am proud of him for all that he chooses to do.  I have witnessed the challenges he has bravely fought that brought him to this day and I have no doubt that he will face the future courageously.  Part of his confidence comes from within and his motivation comes from those who have served and lead our country.  He happens to share the same name as his Great Grandfather who served his country, France.  He also has the dog tags of his Grandfather, a veteran who is 84 years old.  As parents we never imagined that our son would choose this life, dedicating and devoting his life as an ROTC student.  Many ask me what motivated him to become a soldier.
 If anyone knows how to carry on, he surely does.  I think any soldier has the capacity to carry on, to persevere and to keep going.  Last summer, he traveled to Africa to teach and came home with an appreciation for our World, our Country and our Nation.
 Part of the drive for any soldier is the desire to see the world in a different way.  A soldier must be willing to serve and represent their country.  Today, take time to honor a veteran and give thanks for their service.  Get to know them.  I give thanks to all the Veterans and to the future men and women who serve our country.  Thank-you.

Thank-you for all your wonderful comments.  I shall pass them on to my son as I know he may not read my blog.  Then again, maybe he does.


Formerly known as Frau said...

Thank you for raising such an amazing boy that is willing to serve and protect our country. I'm so thankful for all the men and women that have served today and yesterday. Happy Monday!

pve design said...

Thank-you. I think I will need a linen hanky in my pocket today as I think of those that fought for our country and those that continue to lead.
Wishing you a happy monday too Frau!

quintessence said...

So thankful to bright, dedicated young men like your son who choose to serve our country. We need more like him!! And by the way, my daughter is also turning 20 in February :-)

VictoriaArt said...

You have all reasons to be proud. Knowing your son, he will be responsible in his actions, caring for his men and a future leader we can be grateful for.
Being a soldier is the highest level of service to one's country. I am deeply thankful!

Sandy @ You May Be Wandering said...

Lovely post today, Patricia - you must be so proud of your son. It is such an honorable choice to make in today's world. Thank you to him and all our military men and women who have and are serving our country.

annie said...

You must be incredibly proud of your son...your writing is so moving and thought provoking as we should all be doing on this day....and being thankful to those so courageous.

I Dream Of said...

Such an inspiring post, Patricia. You must be so proud of your son. I'm thankful for all the men and women who have served, or are serving, our country and to all the moms and dads who raised such courageous people.
Thanks for the inspiration! XO

Tawna said...

Much thanks to your son and to their families! They sacrifice so much as well.

LPC said...

Congratulations to you on your son and his dedication. I am sure you are a huge source of comfort and support to him.

BRASWELL said...

The pictures of your son are marvelous! My son is a volunteer in NY, serving his country in a different way. Thank you to each an every person in a uniform.

pretty pink tulips said...

These photos are amazing, as is your son for his courage in supporting our country like this. I am in awe that he has chosen this path and feel blessed to know he and those like him sacrifice on behalf of all of us.

xoxo Elizabeth

Karen Albert said...

God bless your Son Patricia. It is such a huge undertaking for him to devote his time to his country!

PS You are a great mom!

Art by Karena

Carrie said...

What an amazing son you have:) I wish him the best of luck:) If he ever wants to talk to an officer serving now, he can talk to my hubby:)

Carrie Waller

Purple Flowers said...

So well said Patricia. Your sincere words brought tears to my eyes. I am sure your son will succeed with everything he does.

Kwana said...

What a beautiful post. You have raised a young man (well 2 young men) to be proud of. I cannot believe looking at these pictures that it is the same little one you brought into work all those years ago. Now I'm teary.

Lisa Mende said...

What a handsome young man! My heart goes out to you because I know you think of him every night when your head hits the pillow. I know before Walker died I thought about him and wondered where he was. He would be 26 right now so a little older than your son. God bless him Patricia and all the others who serve our country so we can be at peace!

Claudia Lane said...

So inspiring Patricia...what a beautiful, brave young man you have raised, you must be very proud. The world needs young men and women like him, they are our hope and our future. Congratulations for his incredible achievement. Cx

Millie said...

What a truly beautiful post Patricia, the pride you have for your boy is palpable. I think you may find he does read your blog, my interstate sons are Followers over at The Hedge, if only to see what major mishap has befallen poor MOTH next!

Thank you so much for the lovely encouraging comment you left on The Hedge's FB page re Kitty's art work. After a difficult pregnancy & a new baby, her creativity has had to take less of a priority. But she's now ready to get back to it. Everyone's comments have been fantastic for her.
Millie xx

Genuine Lustre said...

God bless him! I know you are proud. My own son is a special operator..going on his 5th deployment..we have a dear friend who is in Navy ROTC at RPI - he's a senior..

pve design said...

Again, Thank-you to each of you for your very kind words.

Cheryl said...

I thought I had responded to this post when I first saw it. It touched my heart so deeply. I am indeed grateful for young men who have chosen, like yours, to serve our country.
What strikes me is that the rest of us need to do the same in what ever way we can, so their sacrifice matters.
Thank you so much for sharing such touching photos.