Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I love how patient dogs can be.

I have been incredibly busy de-cluttering and letting go of things that had accumulated which has required a ton of patience.  I took the opportunity to do a major purge of books, toys, clothing and items that were no longer needed or wanted.
While I tossed items, donated things and cleared space it made me realize how a dog just has a collar, a leash and perhaps a special bed and a bowl for water and kibble.
Waiting for one's return or for the next chase, the next meal or nap.
We can learn so much from our creatures.
While we humans surround ourselves with stuff, we should learn a thing or two from our creatures who are patient and allow time to enjoy life.

I was inspired by Ella over here.
How sweetly she stands enjoying nature and the sun.


Lisa said...

You must be reading my mind. I found myself getting snarky with Gracie today (which is rare) because she was at my feet, following me everywhere, and just staring at me. All she wanted was for me to stop and give her some attention.
I sat on the floor and looked into her eyes, She gave me that loving gaze, a wag of the tail, and then settled down on the front patio for a nap. I settled down next to her in a sunny spot and was quickly reminded of the unconditional love that she gives.
Thank you Patricia for reminding us with your wisdom and beautiful artistry.
Wishing you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving.
XO Lisa

The Magical Christmas Wreath Company said...

I'm with you on this one Patricia. I'd be even happier without all the accoutrements I seem to acquire. Happy thanksgiving. x

A-M said...

Oh I so hear you Patricia. I too am simplifying and decluttering my life. We can so learn from dogs...so true, they don't need much and neither do we! A-M xx

Acquired Objects said...

I recognized Ella right off and you did a wonderful job of painting her. I've been decluttering our life for years now since you do reach a point in your life that stuff is simply stuff. My husband likes to call me the picky but patient one since I'll wait forever for anything.


Divine Theatre said...

I seem to be acquiring more pets and fewer "things".
My house is just a house without my loved ones, they make it a home.



Sandy at You May Be Wandering said...

De-cluttering is SO very important - life is so easier when it is simplified.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy having your boys home!


Emily Clark said...

How I miss reading your blog. I'm sorry I've been away, and I was just browsing through your entries. Thank you for keeping it up, and for the constant reminders; patience will be my montra today. Take care Patricia!

Karen Albert said...

Beautiful Patricia! Our pets are so wonderful as they ask for so little and are such beloved companions.

I have been decluttering as well!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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I Dream Of said...

Patricia, I love your light-filled painting. It captures Ella's patience and the beauty of fall. I'm the worst when it comes to decluttering, but you and Ella are right, the essentials are all we really need. Congratulations on your successful clutter clearing! XO

home before dark said...

I think Ella is a special person. She shines with kindness and the 'I've seen it all before" ness of great wisdom. So glad she found the home she always needed with people who will always love her.

MJH Design Arts said...

I love the water color of Ella. Jones can wait patiently all day for me to return--and is happy with a trip to the park, a good tease to the cats and sleeping at the foot of my bed or a day at work loving everyone who walks in the door. To live with such simplicity and love. Thanks for the reminder.

BRASWELL said...

Patience, a grand word and something I could use a lot more of. Ella is lovely + so is your topic today! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

deliciously organized said...

Feels so good to purge. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.