Monday, September 13, 2010

September shelves

September is a time to come back indoors and re-group.
For some of us, September symbolizes a fresh start.
Open shelves or cubbies remind me of school"lockers."
Remember the excitement of having your very own locker?
Open shelves can be quite practical, especially when it comes to reaching for things one uses on a daily basis. It certainly seems to work for Ina. I do love a combination of open and closed shelves.
Having had lunch here on a warm Summer day, I admired the counter and the open shelves too.
There is something practical and efficient about open shelves. See them on the wall?
Book cases are a perfect solution for a room divider. Line them up and add your own collection of books, baskets, and then get to work!
Tell me, anything exciting on your shelf this September?


Karena said...

Patricia, I am looking for a better way too organize my art and design magazines/ books!

I have a New Giveaway from the French Basketeer I think you will love!

Art by Karena

Suburban Princess said...

I like doors because they hide the things we dont have time to clean/organize/tidy lol!

Danielle Oakey Interiors said...

i typically like having a combination of open shelves and doors, especially in a kitchen. I think it adds depth and interest to a space!

Kwana said...

Great pics. I love a good shelf.

**We BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Oh, P, a whole lot of mess...both the girls will be in school v.soon...hoping to clean up and purge!
Lovely pics, very inspiring.

Purple Flowers said...

My reply is the same as Danielle's. In the kitchen, alittle bit open, and alittle bit closed.

Reggie Darling said...

Shelves, shelves, shelves! I have been on a shelving rampage. First, a thorough re-do and reorganization of the bookshelves that hold our massive collection of (formerly haphazardly arranged) cookery books, and now buying and assembling Metro commercial grade wire shelving on wheels to hold our ever-burgeoning collections of dishes and crockery. September is, indeed, a new beginning, as is every new academic year (even tho I'm long beyond my school days), and that for me means organization! Reggie

Gretchen O. said...

I am redesigning a client's living room, and shelves are first on the agenda. We have some fun things in store, hehe. Organized shelves make me happy, organized chaos is good too, but when shelves are just craziness it makes me nervous (oh, I am only talking about the open kind, b/c if you saw inside my closets you would think the above words were not spoken by me:) --Gretchen O.

pve design said...

I want one of those french baskets so desperately....
pick meee....

Suburban Princess,
I promise I won't open your doors...

oh yes, a combo is best, it takes discipline to always keep open shelves organized.

Wanna come and see take some mags off my open shelves? (before I recycle) I know you love a good mag.

This is the first ful week and I am looking forward to getting my shelves back in order....such a mess now. Hence the reason for these images, to give me inspiration....

My husband has an addiction for metro shelves.
Do you assemble? He always has me helping him and it is not a pretty site. (me helping him)
We even have them in our garage!

Can you move here and help me with my shelves?

quintessence said...

I also like a combo of open and closed in the kitchen - open for all my everyday dishes, glasses etc. and closed for all the "junk". In my old kitchen, I had only open shelving and then a big pantry for the rest - that was great. I am with Reggie - I LOVE metro shelving. I buy the cheaper variety at Costco - I must have 15 around the house - tons in the basement, garage and one in my office. It saved us when we had the storm last March - our basement flooded about a foot deep.

home before dark said...

Out of the closet Metro Lovers Club: sign me up. Have loved them forEVER. My new kitchen will be chrome metro shelves and the walls paneled in sheet mirror. Kinda' fun for an almost 61 year old. I used metro shelves (on wheels) for my closets. Took out the pole and used a pole attachment for the Metros. Looks great. Works great. Not cheap, but I like the look better than the cheap closet kits at the big box store. I am a visual person and like seeing at a glance. People ask about grease/grime in kitchen. Reduce to what you really use and there's no time for dirt pileup!

Emily said...

Very cool and practical way of organizing an office and kitchen...are those yours?! And I love a good cafe. Very nice blog entry.

Gramercy Home said...

Now I feel like i should stop reading blogs and go organize something ;)

LindsB said...

Too funny, I was just about to post about those locker baskets- I LOVE that storage!