Thursday, September 09, 2010

self-kindness challenge

If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete


One area that is so important is to challenge oneself to a bit of self-kindness.

Join me in a self-kindness challenge!

I hope you sign up for this wonderful challenge at the calm space, here.

What are you waiting for?

Need I remind you that you must give yourself the oxygen first!

18 comments: said...

I'm in. Just signed up. Thanks

Teresa Meyer said...

I did too!! I could use this right about now. Thanks for sharing.

Stitchfork said...

Will go check it out - I definitely could use tips for self-kindness

Gretchen O. said...

Self-kindness sounds interesting and something I might be in need of. I am about to go check it out. --Gretchen O.

pve design said...

Stitchfork (Catherine)

thrilled that you are interested in some self-kindness.
I mean seriously, it cannot hurt one bit, right?

best to each of you!!!!!

Beth Dunn said...

I so need to remind myself of this!

Heather said...

Thanks! I just joined...I'm peppier already!

pve design said...


Social climbing can get in the way of self-kindness, but I know you can change that! Join the self-kindness...we need you!


Our children will thank-us too!
so thrilled you joined.


The Buzz said...

I'm signing up right now (having just finished an hour and a half of yoga!)

RendezVous said...

inhale peace, exhale stress!!
xox my blog:

pretty pink tulips said...

Just in time! I'm hyperventilating today over a few things. Self kindness....words to live by!

Marilyn said...

Hello Beth,
I'm the manager of The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation: I love your images and your self-kindness challenge. I'd like to speak with you about connecting through our new website which we're launching in the next month. Can you email me, please? Thanks....What a beautiful blog you have!

Amy said...

What a wonderful idea, you are SO right, we often forget ourselves...Thank you! *Amy

Stephanie Sabbe said...

If blogs had a "like" button I would push it:)

Karen said...

pve - thank you so much for sharing the Self-Kindness Challenge! It's going to be so great (and is almost full as I write this - so everyone, get in quick!).

I am really excited to welcome you and your readers!

*Doing my little happy dance*

love, Karen xx

Mindy Lockard Etiquette said...

Patricia, I can't wait to learn more. Self-kindness is the heart of gracious living. Thanks for this reminder.

Gramercy Home said...

Love that quote!

Rooms Bloom said...

Sounds like a good plan! Can't wait to see what they have in-store!Thanks for sharing!