Friday, September 10, 2010

Categorically speaking

T'is Fashion Week in New York at Lincoln Center and the themes or categories from the collections are shaping up as follows; The above look is noted as "Urban Warrior." Lots of dark or light clean architectural lines for cities that require clothes for combat. Now where does that leave the suburban soldier like me to brave the elements?
Perhaps "The Great Outdoors" is my category.
A little bit military mod mixed with a melange of crunchy and tactile textures, for your next great outdoors adventure. I have always loved the great outdoors and the ability to look sporty while walking my dog or pumping gas.
"Eccentric Ladylike"
Now have you ever met a lady with eccentricities and quirks that you just wanted to emulate?
This category appealed to me because it has a "grown up" vibe about it.
After all that "urban warrior" and "great outdoors gal" needs a bit of softness and the "eccentric lady" in my book never really ever goes out of fashion.

These are just a few of the categories for Fall 2010.
Categorically speaking, which one of these talks to you or do you have another out-fit?
Urban Warrior
Great Outdoors
Eccentric Ladylike


design traveller said...

That's my style :)

The Buzz said...

How about eccentric outdoor warrior? That mix speaks to me!

Privet and Holly said...

I would pinch a
bit from each
category, but not
do any from head
to toe! I do love
the jackets....the
black and camel. I
guess camel is one
of THE colors this
season, so I need to
snag something in
this color. Fun post,
xx Suzanne said...

Eccentric Ladylike, no question.

Laura Casey Interiors said...

Love your posts :) and I love fall fashion! I think eccentric ladylike but I would have to give it some more thought....

Genuine Lustre said...

I have a thing for saddle shoes, so the Great Outdoors with the curvy fur collared jacket catches my eye. That would be very eccentric in my neighborhood, but I'm starting not to care anymore.

pve design said...

design traveller-
and I thought you were an indoor modern adventurer!

Super, with a hint of flower power too.

yes, a bit of each seems to be the perfect solution.
yes to camel- just not the cigarettes.

Please share your eccentric ladylike self all dolled up and sitting pretty in one of your chairs.

How about "traditional twister" for you, I know how you adore tradition with a mod twist! -or- clean machine....clean lines, ordered outfits at the ready-

La Maison Fou said...

Love these looks!
The first two are great, probably just tweak them, but the last one.
So retro Audrey or images of Earhert come to mind....

Visual Vamp said...

Oh honey, you have your own fab style!
You don't need no stinking guides ha ha.
xo xo

Ideezine said...


Great post as fashion week is upon us. Love the colors, looks and styles. My first thought was Hepburn and Earnheart as well. Urban Saburban is what I gathered from the mix. Love Fall.


Southern Lady said...

Im a great outdoors kind of a gal, myself. Carla

Kwana said...

I think I may go for my own mix this fall called boho classic.

Janell @ Isabella and Max said...

That last coat is simply to die for...seriously, I want it, stat! I assume it is a fortune, but heading off to see anyway! Janell

Nessa said...
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Nessa said...

I am so glad ladylike dressing is back in fashion... it never really left but it seemed harder to find.

love the Eccentric Ladylike... it is always good to ba a lady.

JMW said...

I like the look of Eccentric Ladylike, although I'd probably gravitate more toward something called Classic Ladylike. I'm not very adventorous in my fashion.

Tara said...

Hi Patricia:

What a great week they have planned! My son is buzzing up to
5th Ave this evening to partake!

North of 25A said...

It is usually classic ladylike (I hope) for me, but as I get older and more daring (free?) eccentric ladylike appeals more & more to me. Besides, that coat is amazing and the hat adorable. I do wish we wore more hats in the US.

Purple Flowers said...

I like "eccentric ladylike"