Friday, September 17, 2010

Saturday secrets

pve design, artwork for the upcoming Sheridon Road Magazine
On Saturday morning, I have hung a "privacy please" sign on each of your bedroom doors.
You have been granted permission to go back to sleep and dream like a child. Vivid dreams.
You are luxuriating in dreamy Matouk bedding
with your very own monogram.
A soft blanket envelopes you-

from gramercy fine linens and furnishings.
oil painting by Stephen Gjertson, The Newborn
You fall back asleep like a newborn baby held in the safety of tender arms.
The smell of the blanket tells you you are at home.
oil painting by Stephen Gjertson
You are greeted with a smile and suddenly refreshed for a new day full of secret love.

What is your secret to begin the day feeling like a newborn?


VictoriaArt said...

Ya-lo-lo-de-do... Isn't it nice to cozy up between the soft sheets a bit longer?
Love morning coffee and a small bite in bed, some (newspaper) reading and slowly planing of another Saturday...
Your selections are delightful!
And those paintings, so sweet!

Happy weekend, Patricia!


Tina Steele Lindsey said...

YOU ARE SO AMAZING. I love this post, and your sign, and the paintings, perfect. I did not get to sleep in, my body doesn't know how to sleep in any longer. Have a fab weekend.

pve design said...

You must go to the Newington Cropsey and see the paintings - Your son would love it.

You must then take afternoon naps. I know sleeping in goes against my grain. I was taught to be the early bird...but a little rest whenever you can is so refreshing.

Kwana said...

Oh I wish it were that easy. With the kids and the dog a sign would not work. I hope to escape for writing later today though. I'm taking over the man cave.

LPC said...

I love the Privacy Please sign. I feel we should all hang it round our necks in this day and age of reality TV and celebrity tapes.

D.B. said...

Oh my! My niece just sent me a link to your blog and your post back in March about blue and white! So happy to find you! If you have a second, check out my blog and look under August for "The Blue and White Tour" and April for "The Blue Den." Sorry, I'm not sophisticated enough to provide the links! I continue to learn.

Ideezine said...


I wake early, power walk a couple of miles, eat a great breakfast, coffee, shower and review my project lists.

Even putting on a great turtle neck sweater, yoga pants, and warm socks becomes a luxury treat. Cozy takes many forms and can be unexpected.


Brillante Home Decor said...

Since I have Geronimo, my sweet pointer, in my life, I love when he gently put his muzzle on the bed looking at me to see if I am awake. If I pretend to be still sleeping he goes quietly back to his bed. Then we start playing around with his toys for a few minutes and his joy brings a big smile on my face every morning.

Anonymous said...

ah, if only I knew the secret.

LindsB said...

I wish I had that sign this morning- Mondays come too fast for me and it would be nice to enjoy one more day of rest :)

Liz, Viive and Benji said...

Your post reminds me of one of my favorite paintings: Breakfast in Bed by Mary Cassat. I went to see it at the Huntington Library in Pasadena and have kept a small reproduction ever since.