Sunday, August 03, 2008

Sunday Grace

image of Grace
illustration by Grace for Brooklyn Film Festival
Grace is an illustrator, model, photographer.  What an amazing life she lives.
Here she is in Black and white, which is always elegant and timeless.
Here she is in full color, surrounded be these handsome young things.
I love the way her hair is styled.  Just goes to show that it is all about the hair.
Golden hi-lights and golden girls need a little gold.
Grace infuses an element of "heart" in her linear illustrations.  I heart them.
In these shots, Grace reminds me of the legendary model "Veruschka."  She had a penchant for leaping like a gazelle and her long mane of straight hair ,elongated her height.  I think most importantly, a loud and clear message is to make your life beautiful, meaningful and unique.
This seems to be a natural for this gal as she works as a model, an illustrator, a photographer and a unique individual.  See her here.
After all - Sunday is a day for giving Grace and for not working, right.  Let's hope and pray that Grace is resting today, Sunday.


Mary Jo Matsumoto said...

Wow she is just beautiful and I love her illos too!

pve design said...

mary jo-
did you see her photos on the selby?
she looks so interesting!

enc said...

She is beautiful and talented. She'll have something to fall back on when the modeling gig isn't happening anymore.

Magpie Interior Design said...

Hello there friend!

Thank you so much for your kind comments on my bathroom. And, indeed, we must be birds of a feather! (Not my brother in law, but my cousin is my graphic designer... lol.)

You are incredibly talented. Thank you for sharing!


collard green queen said...

Very talented- just like you! When I get ready to write my childrens book I'm calling you to illustrate it- amazing-

Diane said...

I love her work -- and I love that her talents are so varried

katiedid said...

Those legs are amazing! She seems multitalented and I will have to learn more about her. Thanks!