Wednesday, August 27, 2008

fine lines

This is a recent sketch that I am working on - for a client. I begin by drawing fine lines to form the shapes in pencil. Step 2 is to use a micron pen ever so lightly and then add a wash of color. I "look" then draw and "look" some more until I feel that I have captured it. I often give myself a time limit as drawing takes a looser approach rather than one that was belabored for hours. For me, my artwork after all is a true labor of love. Now off to do the fill in with the water color wash! Can hardly wait. Do drop me a line and tell me how you go about creating your work.


Kwana said...

These lines are very fine and precise. Lovely!
My work starts with little seeds of ideas and lots of what ifs, sometimes dreams too. Then I make some notes and go to it. I try and outline, but usually that goes out the window. The finished product often takes lots of unexpected twists and turns as characters take of a life of their own.

pve design said...

you make it sound easy, and I thought you had it all figured out in your head!
dreams make stories to take us to better places. dream on...and let those unexpected twists and turns give you ideas for pure drama to thicken the plot and stir up characters. hmm, sounds like real life!

Be the change..... said...

what a beautiful house AND drawing! The sketches I do at work tend to be a lot more just working sketches and aren't as polished as this. I like to work with a super fine sharpie and if a client will see it I do a second layer with a SUPER fine micro to put in furniture, built in cabinets, etc. Generally i work in soul-less autocad though.

heidi said...

I love your beginning sketch just the way it is!
My work starts with ideas and visions, inspirations... then I lay down the raw type or image, and see what it tells me to do.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

This is such a lovely drawing. I do hope you post it when it's done.

I guess the key to my approach, whether I'm working on a room design for a client, a keepsake art box, or a piece of writing, is to be open to any ideas that might casually float by,in order to best grab them from the air. I try not to worry about getting these ideas, but it seems when I finish a project of any kind, I am always quite convinced that is the last good idea I will ever have. Until the next one. I am beginning to learn to relax and let them come. Strangely enough, writing has begun to help me with this, which was not what I had planned at all. Sigh.

enc said...

I love learning about your process—I always admire your finished products, so it's fascinating to see how you get from start to finish.

I'm not an illustrator, so I don't really have anything to share about my working process.

Ivy Lane said...

Please DO post the finished product!

Kim said...

You amaze me - I love your style!!!

N said...

I write--not novels, not anything long, and when I do, I self-edit. I drivel on. Then I stop, print, take a pen to it. Then I type again and correct. Then print and pen. Then type. Jeez, I sound crazy.

I wish I was as spirited with it as Kwana!

Anna Spiro said...

Oh my goodness, this one is gorgeous too! When I am finished renovating my little cottage I am going to get you to paint it!!!

fashionlover said...

just wondering - how much do you charge for your illustrations and do you do them on request?
so if i was to ask you to draw something would you do so?
thank you in advance
please email me at if you would like to write back
ashleigh mcdonald, australia