Monday, August 04, 2008

Pet story

Owning a pet provides a companion, one to care for, to walk, to feed, to love and to tell stories through many adventures.  A pet also tells of a time and a place and makes a memory.  As a child, I watched "Lassie" and had a dog name "Snoopy."   Lucky me.
One such lucky fellow is a Westie name "Winston" and his Master tells tales here.  
I always enjoy reading the latest scoop!

Illustration of "Winston" the Westie by pve design

Another lucky four legged friend, "Monty" illustrated below has quite the life of Riley!
If you do not know Monty already, click here, after all it is "Monty Monday!"
You may follow the exciting adventures of this handsome lad.
I adore his name and his sleek physique.

Illustration of "Monty" by pve design

If you own a pet, no doubt you have a "pet story."  Never have I met a pet without some sort of story or adventure.  The first time they touched "grass" or "snow" or "sand"-and the first time they got a "tick" or were "sick."   The first time I met "Bobool" - my husbands childhood dog in France, I must admit, I was (un peu- in french means, a little) nervous because of the stories I had heard.  "If Bobool likes you, you are in" -- he would retort.  Great, (I thought) to think that it all came down to the likability of a "dog and I."  It is true how a pet can immediately be your friend or foe.  My brother has three dogs and when he came to visit, my dog, "Bentley" would not stop barking at him.  It took threes days before he warmed up to my brother.

Illustration of "Bear" the Bermese Mountain Dog by pve design
Training and teaching a pet can be quite a challenge, "repetition is after all the mother of learning."  Many commands repeated, sit, down, stay, come, are all rewarded when done with finesse.  They say that the dog needs to hear his or her name repeatedly and that "2" syllable names work best.  I did meet a Yorkie named "Hercules."   Giving a little dog a "big" name surely will relieve any future pet insecurities which might lead to "pet therapy!"

Illustration of  the feline, "Simba" by pve design
Recently, I phoned a friend who was just on her way to take her cat to be "put down" and she was crying, a twelve year pet story to tell or to paint.  Never easy to lose a pet after so many years and so many stories.
Do you have a pet story?   Love to hear your pet story or illustrate your pet for you!


Tara said...

Hi Patricia!

Your dog illustrations are wonderful! Loved the muff illustration...I am sure you saw the muffler highlight in the New York Times Sunday Styles section yesterday! You were a step ahead of the NYTimes! hee--hee!

I am back to posting, needed our staycation vavcation! Glad to see all is well here!

pve design said...

Woof, woof! Thanks for your kind e-mail.
Yes, I need to trust my intuition as I am usually one step ahead of the fashion fold!
Happy Summer!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Well, you have to know Edward and I were simply enchanted by this wonderful post! Such a treat to see your deightful pet illustrations. Ever thought of doing a book of doggie adventures??

pve design said...

Oh, I would be honored to do a book about you and your house. You must have some great stories to tell.
pve design

CoutureCarrie said...

I love animals. . . and these illustrations have so much emotion!

Mel said...

monty!!! that's such a great illustration -- i'm honored he's up on your blog. you always do such a great job capturing his playful spirit (like on our x-mas card and moving announcement).

pve design said...

well it is Monty Monday...I shall send Monty to you after he is matted! He is a handsome dog!
Thanks for your checking in!

KricketM said...

Ohhhhhh, we'd be SO HONORED to have you illustrate our boys Ben & Coop! You can see them on ansleygracemitchell dot blogspot dot com!
You are so talented!

Patricia Gray said...

You are a very talented gal!! Love how you captured these cuties.

annechovie said...

Great illustrations with some anecdotes to match! Have a great week!

Alkemie said...

What Cute illustrations!! Wonderful for dog lovers and decor :)


Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Love your pet post! We got our shelter pooch last year (March 2007) and what a year it's been! She's a mostly black lab mix who's afraid of her own shadow (I don't think life was that great for her), but she's a sweet girl. Princess Margaret Rose (Maggie, but I thought the poor old girl deserved something more regal ;-) will definitely be living out her remaining years quite...royally. :-)

Tyler said...

love the pet post. indeed, they capture perfect memories of the past. we just said 'goodbye' to our sweet springer and are considerably blue. very interested in a sketch. will drop an email your way.

the post of your kiddos is also so endearing. balancing the mommy gig -- a highwire act!

collard green queen said...

you illustrated my cat to a T at the bottom of this post- Just lost George at 14- Like a part of the family-
Kids want a dog but I have to be ready to want my 4th "Child" when we go to adopt it!

la la Lovely said...

You are so clever. I love this post and the idea that every pet has a story so very true. I have to tell you my dog's name is Max and he is a very mischievous boston terrier. He has caused a lot of trouble in his days and even though he is getting old the trouble is not. In fact he just left me a nice little present on the floor which I'm off to clean up :-) Maybe that was too much information. I'll post a picture of him sometime soon!
Lovely post!


enc said...

What an adorable menagerie! I love all these illustrations. Thank you for sharing.

Kwana said...

Patricia these are wonderful. You know that my dog, Jack thankfully gives me something to blog about everyday and I'm so thankful for your illustrations of him and can't wait until they are all up on my website. You are such a talented artist. Truly a gift.

vana chupp said...

I love your dog illustrations...It makes me want to have one...

simply seleta said...

I love all of these four legged loves. Leave it to you, Patricia to "fetch" some style into their lives.

Your post makes me want to make that call to Golden Retriever Rescue a little sooner than I promised the offspring!

Mary-Laure said...

I adoooooooored this post and your drawings are so lovely, so alive and tender.
Benjy would love to be your model some time!

Melissa Lewis said...

Patricia, these are so adorable. I've been out of the blog world for a bit, it's been quite the busy summer! I always love coming here for your great art and inspiration. These are too cute!