Monday, September 19, 2011

monday motivation- mojo

black coffee 

I began drinking my coffee black several months ago.
What I thought would be harsh has actually been much smoother than I imagined.
Discipline can be motivating.  Doing without, making a sacrifice can be empowering.
Just that splash of milk, letting it go has a been freeing test of will power.
Less calories.  Less coffee to drink as one black cup seems decadent.

What is on your list to motivate you today.
Are you adding or trying to take away something to motivate you?

Happy Monday
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Formerly known as Frau said...

Happy Monday PVE! I'm eliminating ice cream from my life's huge trying to make a switch to tea instead of coffee.....key word trying!!

Today is a new day!

Days at Buttermilk Cottage said...

I gave up Cokes about two months ago. I was drinking two or more a day and decided enough is enough. I thought if would be very difficult because I've enjoyed them for years. It's been easier than I thought--mind over will??? I try to keep a glass of ice water with me and I know that's a big improvement!

the gardener's cottage said...

hi patricia,

if i take anything else out of our diets i think my husband will murder me!

i am trying to add more outdoor activities to my life at the moment. now that the weather is cooling down, morning tennis is sounding so good.

and i agree w/you re the coffee. i don't drink it everyday but when i do have a cup, black tastes so good.


ps - i believe the painting will be starting in october! so excited and you'll be the first to know!

Gild and Grace said...

How funny, I've recently started drinking my tea black, only for the first half of the day though! Small steps for me. Funny how entrenched our habits can be :)
Abbey x

Joyce said...

Giving 10 minutes a day to making some dreams to come true.

I Dream Of said...

Funny, this is my first morning giving up my Greek yogurt, honey and fruit for a lower sugar, more veggie-ful breakfast. I miss the AM sweetness but think it will be good to change things up a bit! (With a double espresso, straight on the side!)

pretty pink tulips said...

I gave up soft drinks a number of years ago. That was a huge step...and yet, once you make the decision it was easier than I thought. I think a lot of things or habits we have are a way of comforting ourselves. Just something we've become accustomed to. I think I need to add more water into my day. Sometimes....I just forget to drink it!

Happy Monday!!!!
xo Elizabeth

Kwana said...

I'm feeling like taking it easy on myself a bit today as a little ease into it motivation. Going slow.

My Notting Hill said...

I've been drinking alot more green tea lately. Not sure I could do coffee w/o cream - that takes discipline!

The Buzz Blog said...

Trying to take away that nightly glass of wine on weeknights... and trying to figure out if Sunday counts!

24 Corners said...

So funny...I've been considering doing the same for a while now! Even though I only use 1% milk in my seems that ever since I started adding it (used to drink just black for years), a few more pounds have showed up. I think I'll just save the splash of milk for my tea and give this a go too...after today as I JUST poured myself a cup and it has milk in it.
*YOU* are a constant motivation, Monday's and otherwise!
xo J~

Clare Christine said...

Hope you had a marvelous Monday!! Thanks for your inspiration today. I hope that you have a wonderful rest of the week xoxo

Anna said...

I'm being very careful of commitments that will distract from studio time.
Thanks for your kind comment at iStudio! I really appreciate it!

Heather Hays said...

I gave up lattes recently for the reduced calorie black coffee as well. I bribed myself...2 weeks with no lattes and I earned a Le Creuset teapot in
Caribbean blue. After 17 years of lattes every morning, it was the only thing that motivated me! Good luck!

Claudia Lane said...

Hi Patricia, energy (and lots of it) and focus are on my list for this week...lots to get done at work this week for me :)
Hope you have a great one

Claudia xo

Summer is a Verb said...

Thinking, knowing, I need to give up the honey in my morning tea. It's gonna be like a death...XXOO