Sunday, July 04, 2010


The heatwave is expected to arrive today as temps climb.
We will spend the day with family friends.
Our dear friends called to tell us, "You know we do not have A/C but we will have all the fans ready for our fans!"
Tell me fans, do you have a favorite fan? Yes, we have A/C but there is something about a good old fashioned oscillating fan. We have "hugger" ceiling fans with remotes in the bedrooms which we love all year, "forward" in the summer to circulate cool in our mid-century mod home.

Stay cool fans! Happy fourth to all the Summer fanatics!


Debra said...

We have AC and ceiling fans, and by the sounds we will be using both as the week progresses. For now it is cool, calm and a light breeze. Just in time for the festivities to begin. Happy 4th to you. My word verification is "heati"! Enjoy your heati...think of January!

pve design said...

yes, I remind myself that in a few months we will be covered in a cool blanket of white.
Enjoy the flow of the day.
happy 4th~

The Zhush said...

I only complain about the weather in the winter! :) Happy 4th of July! xx

home before dark said...

Our 1968 house did not contemplate mixed zone heating/ac. I say my husband evolved from a St. Bernard. So yes, we have fans. I have hunter/cassablancas and they get the job done quietly. Lately I have been smitten with the fire island fandolier! I know Designers with a capital "D" abhor fans. We mere mortals sometimes have to put comfort over style. Have a happy 4th.

pve design said...

I love all four-seasons!

home before dark-
yes, i do love that "british khaki" look, dark campaign furniture, languid linens and frivolous ferns...for any casa. comfort, practicality and design aesthetic for me are all intertwined.
the only think i loathe are vertical blinds - but even they are practical in front of a sliding door.

Mariska Meijers said...

I lived in Singapore for more than 3 years and I prefer ceiling fans to aircon.Have a great 4th of July!

kp said...

Have a wonderful weekend!!!!! I just saw the J McLaughlin store in Newport-beautiful!! I am so jealous of Alice's new little painting..I am saving my pennies and will commission you very soon to do something fabulous!! xo kp

Ideezine said...

Don't need fans here in costal California. Love cool breeze comfort though. They are just so relaxing to listen to and hypnotic to watch. Happy 4th .


Anonymous said...


Maria Killam said...

I have one that I bought from Caban a few years ago, it's good and strong but alas we don't need any fans in Vancouver this summer with all the alternating rain we are having mixed with cool spring like days. sigh.

Barbara said...

Cool post, PVE LOL.
As one of your fans--I use fans.
Best wishes,