Tuesday, July 13, 2010

corner me

I grew up on a corner. Therefore corners have a certain appeal. I love corner, nooks and crannies and here is a new JMcLaughlin shop opening on the corner of 72nd and Lexington in Manhattan. If you happen to be on the corner nearby, pop in and see what you need or want to need. I know something will corner you!


Hill Country House Girl said...

Absolutely charming and makes me wish I was in NYC right this very minute!

North of 25A said...

I like corners too. Growing up in Jackson Heights our "Main St." was actually the corner of 82nd St. & 37th Ave. We used to say we were "going down to the corner" - to this day that is short hand for my childhood friends. Lovely illustration!

Purple Flowers said...

Wonderful illustration - so chic!

Our property line was on the corner, which was used for setting up lemonade stands in the summer, and waving to people in cars passing by. That was great fun...a long time ago.

Maria Killam said...

Love that illustration! I wish I was in New York in the summer!

pve design said...

Hill Country-
I love NYC and it tugged at my heart as a young gal out of college and now as a Mom with seniors in high-school....There is no city like it!

North of 25A-
We had a market on the corner that we loved to ride our bikes to, it was called Roppels Market.

Purple Flowers,
Lemonade Stands on the corner, how sweet.

Except NYC corners in the Summer are not one of my favorite places, the smells, the heat, I would prefer to corner a good spot on the ocean, well protected - under an umbrella or perhaps in a cool museum.

Kwana said...

That's a spiffy corner.

pretty pink tulips said...

Always love your illustrations with people in the city -- and the dogs! What a great new corner of the world for J. McLaughlin! xo Elizabeth

Housewife Bliss said...

Such a nice illustrations, I think that NY has some of the best corners.

Barbara said...

I used to go to the corner store in the city where I lived and going around the corner can hold surprises--
Have a good one!

Liz, Viive and Benji said...

What a perfect street corner scene! I am an NYC native, and oh how I miss those fluffy Upper East Side dogs!! There is nothing like them in all the world... except maybe Paris. You really capture everything so well Patricia. Bravo!

The Shiny Pebble said...

this was just too witty and fun!! great drawing as well.

Ideezine said...


Corners in the room, world, office, state or street are the power spots in the world. Because you have an advantaged view of things and that's why they feel empowering to experience and powerful to remember. Great illustration!


bricarwaller said...

Just terrific!

LindsB said...

Corners are great, well except when I was put in one for being bad when I was little :)

pve design said...

ha ha ha, that never even crossed the corners of my mind!