Sunday, September 06, 2009

Goodbye to Summer

Remembering June, Paintbox landscapes at Etsy
(all paintings by Harry Stooshinoff)
Not to worry, I will never forget you Summer.
Goodbye to the green fields of June, the longer days of July, the light to see by and warmer summer climes.
The beach towels are washed and folded.  The summer wardrobe is weary and ready for a rest after having had lots of fun.  August has come and gone.  Grains of sand remain as reminders of trips to the beach.  Shells, drift wood and signs of summer scattered about the house to let us know it was here.  Like a lover leaves an old toothbrush or a child leaves a dirty sock behind, we feel one part relief and one part sentimental, wanting to hang on to something we just know we cannot.

Harvest Ready, Paintbox at Etsy
Goodbye Summer.  Hello September.  As the skies begin to fill with more lofty and billowy clouds, I realize that the Fall is near.  Days of solid blue skies belong to Summer.  Gold appears in the fields.   The leaves and the goodness that an Autumn Harvest brings, begin to make a rich palette.

October Morning, Paintbox at Etsy

The pops of gold and orange begin to greet us, a sure sign that Summer is gone, but a bounty of pumpkin, butternut squash and roasted root veggies are waiting for us.  We return to stews, soups and heartier foods.  The sweaters and jackets appear like old friends coming for a visit ready to give us a warm embrace.

Timber Stack
In anticipation of colder temperatures, we prepare stacks of wood for many fires.
A time to get ready for the next season.

Are you ready to say Goodbye to Summer, and Hello to Autumn?
How do you prepare to say Goodbye to Summer and hello to Fall?


Frau said...

Seems like yesterday we were saying hello to Spring. Where did Summer was too fast! I love Autumn I truly do, getting sweaters and hats out today putting shorts and bathing suits away. Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend.

Debra said...

So well done PvE- I for one am ready for the change-funny how Mother nature prepares us for the next season. It's cool and clear here this morning- perhaps a fire late this afternoon. Have a beautiful end-of-summer day.

pve design said...

Good luck with your Autumn preparation.
Wishing I was there with you for a walk....

A fire, already! I cannot wait for our first fire, I go outside and smell that smoky smell...which I love.
We fight over the fireside, funny, you can imagine who wins a "top-dog" spot...he loves the fire.

Laura Casey Interiors said...

I am ready for fall to be here but it is still quite warm here in Charlotte. I love when the leaves start to turn and I get out all my sweaters.

BLC :o said...

Many thanks for the wedding dress advice!!! Xoxo-BLC

Karena said...

In Kansas City, we have had such a mild summer, so Autumn could be warm before the cold sets in. We call it Indian Summer. Right now it is crisp and cool!

Harry Stooshinoff, said...

Thank you for showing my work....much appreciated! I love summer so much it is hard to make the transition....once autumn is truly here things go a bit easier. Yesterday I found myself making a painting of April, one of my favourite months because it holds so much promise in front if it. April can't be the 'cruelest month' for me because it's followed by May, June, July.

VictoriaArt said...

Just barely I start to feel the pull of autumn, the hay smelling, smoky fire aroma of apple farms and cardigans in the afternoon light,
books and more books, cozy rooms!
Adieu, summer!

I love the small paintings, the are so of the moment, snapshots with a brush!

PS: Talk to you soon! Walk sounds wonderful!

Michelle said...

I love Timber Stack. Yes, fall is here for sure. Now I have to clean up the yard and garden! Great veggies!


Simply Mel said...

Oh PVE, I'm not ready to let go of Summer yet!

In San Francisco, the weather is just beginning to heat up for our Indian Summer, so I am ready and waiting for the last few (or in my case - only) weeks of warmth!

I'll be ready by mid-October!

pve design said...

It was a glorious day today - 72* and a nice we won't be bringing out the coats anytime soon, but I do love to plan ahead in anticipation of Fall!
Happy Indian Summer to you.

Chic Coles (Cole Design) said...

I wish the weather down here in New Orleans was moving from summer to was still so hot down here! I cannot wait to pull out my jeans and boots, but I know it won't be for a little while!

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

definitely not ready...but fall brings so many gorgwous colours in the landscapes surrounding us...LOVE those paintings by Harry!

A Gift Wrapped Life said...

No I am absolutely not ready for autumn.....I never even had summer!
If I had to miss one though, this was the one. So I am over it now and going to buy some mums to plant into my pathetic(not even
planted if you remeber)planters and juice up the exterior with some well-deserved colour finally.
Thank you Patricia for your kind comments on Austin, the comments were so nice for him to read ~ he is starting to get this blog thing his mother does!

pve design said...

I feel your pain, my children often use "blogging" against me...They refer to it as a "Mom's Facebook"
well, so be it....but they always love my artwork.
When I ask for an opinion, they look at me and say, Mom - It's great!
Please tell Austin that we are here for the States...please tell him to come for dinner...I am a stones throw from the city!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear. Oh boo hiss. I've always dreaded the departure of summer. I'm one of the few souls who can't stand the colors of fall and its dying leaves. No thank you to orange, brown, and gold mingling together. To football and the game's intrusive sounds in every house one enters. To the double whammy of school during the day and homework at night. To the peace shattering chainsaws and the smell of woodsmoke. To long, cold shadows and abbreviated days. The first day of fall and the first day of "daylight savings" are both circled on my calendar with a "frowney face." I ignore Halloween, and though I love being with my family at Thanksgiving, I set the table with non-autumn colors and put a jazz and Christmas music mix on the CD player. How do I say goodbye to summer? I hunker down and run over autumn like a bed of hot coals, holding my breath until I get to the other side.

Shandell's said...

I found myself searching for my Cashmere's yesterday. Summer left as quick as it came. No worries, fall is the best time of the year. Living in the Northeast the change of season brings a spender of color.