Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mr.Harte's Holiday

Illustration by Glynn Boyd Harte from "Mr.Harte's Holiday"
Glynn Boyd Harte takes us on a Holiday to the north coast of France, celebrated by generations of painters and writers, from Eugene Boudin to Marcel Proust.  The above illustration by Mr. Harte takes us to a wide expanse of Beach, of an old-fashioned sea-side resort.  I love this work for the use of a limited color palette of red, yellow and blue.  The majestic shadow cast of the umbrella in the foreground leads us towards a promenade of beach chairs and cabanas.  The northern light gives a golden glow to the sand ready to greet those on Holiday for a day at the beach.  I hope that this inspires each of you to begin with a simple primary palette and take your sketch-book on Holiday. 


Be the change..... said...

Oh I love this image! It puts me in the mood for my upcoming beach vacation :-)

Kwana said...

Patricia, the colors here are gorgeous. I love your artist introductions. They are so inspiring. Thanks so much.

vana chupp said...

Great post! i love this introduction. Those colors are so summery to me!

Octavine Illustration said...

wow. what an incredible scene and use of color. i love the sky and the brilliant red of the umbrellas. and you are right, we must remember to bring our sketchbooks out of our studios and into the world.

annechovie said...

Love the bold use of color here! Thanks for the intro....

Easy and Elegant Life said...

Do you know, it always seems to me that colours get rather primary at the beach. Just like this. It's a dream.

pve design said...

I wish you blue skies on your upcoming vacation.
A cabana like that would be nice too!

Octavine Illus.
I hope to take my sketchbook outside tomorrow as I am in hopes for a nice day.

Me too - I do love bold colors of Mr.Harte and you would love some of his other works too.
Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to say "hello!"

Mrs.French said...

The colors are so piercing...I love it!