Friday, July 04, 2008

feu d'artifice (fireworks)

Leaving Paris today on the Fourth of July. I thought this photo would be a wonderful one to post showing the Eiffel Tower being showered in fireworks, like diamonds in the sky! The city is already beginning to prepare for the Bastille Day.
We were fortunate to have a picnic sitting near the Eiffel Tower which was amazing and it stays light til past Ten at night. Everyone is out enjoying the city of lights! At night it is lit up with twinkling lights and then is lit up "bleu" which is magnifique!
Wishing you a wonderful holiday where ever you are! Thank-you again to my incredible guest blogger, Architect Design! Merci!


ALL THE BEST said...

Wonderful photo!! Happy 4th!

Kwana said...

It's so beautiful. Happy 4th PVE!

Tara said...

Glad to see you celebrated the 4th the Parisienne way!

vana chupp said...

How wonderful...and sad at the same time. You're leaving (perhaps already done son) Paris...I can't wait to see pictures!
Come back home soon:)