Monday, July 14, 2008

Dutch treat

Dutch treat in America translates to paying one's own way.
However in Holland, the translation is seen through the work of artist
Gerdine on the right with one of her paintings and her daughter Fleur on her left

Prepare yourself for a real Dutch treat. Please allow me to introduce you to a talented and spirited Dutch Artist, Gerdine Duijsens. Gerdine was introduced to me via a dutch cousin Babette Raymakers, living in Brussels. As an artist, people always love to connect artists and networking is good thing, especially when most artists tend to work alone. I am always flattered to connect and to be inspired. As they say, "flattery will get you everywhere!"

Gerdine's abstract work, hung in a traditional interior adds spirit and freedom

Gerdine began her love for art by drawing at an early age and later attended the Academy of Art in Utrecht. She is a mother of 3 gorgeous daughters. She and her (late) husband managed Veterinarian Practice of Horses and Cows. He past away last year. He was her most supportive person and encouraged her to attend the Art Academy in Belgium when her daughters were in high school. I am impressed as she managed to do this part time.

A "stone" lady who clearly enjoys life in red and pink

Inspiration came through the beauty and movement of owning horses that inspired her to paint them in an abstract way. (see her site to view the horses!) Gerdine is also in touch with the people and paints them in a way that shows them larger than life in order to show life above the ridiculous often in arrogant settings such as in a formal social setting of a cocktail party or a concert. Her favorite colors are reds and pinks.

Painting of a Royal Wedding, in Gerdine's favorite red and pink colors

photo of Gerdine's blue kitchen with lovely copper pots.

I can imagine this blue kitchen to be enjoyed by many, just as many enjoy her artwork. Please take a moment to stop by and visit Gerdine, she is after all a real Dutch treat. Please tell her it is on pve design! I hope to make it to Holland and meet in person and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and see her artwork.
It would be my treat!
Please contact Gerdine if you are interested in purchasing her work via her website.


Marnie said...

they look like sisters, not mother-daughter.

Marnie said...

ps, welcome back - looks like you had a great trip

pve design said...

thought the same thing about the mother -daughter!
good genes!
yes, we had a fantastic trip!

Melissa Lewis said...

What a great post about such a talented and gifted artist. I love her "Royal Wedding" piece. I think the brightness of the red and pink is perfect!

Thanks for introducing us to this talented artist Patricia.

PS, glad you're back. Hope to hear more about your trip:)

Kwana said...

I thought they looked like sisters too! Fabulous. Thanks for the wonderful intro to this amazing artist.

Fifi Flowers said...

Love the Wedding paint! It really POPs with colour and against that dark wall... WOW!
I agree with everyone... before I read that they were mother-daughter... I thought artist friends... the same age.
Can't wait to see more about your trip... have a great day! Fifi

annechovie said...

Thank you for introducing my to Gerdine's lovely and colorful work, Patricia! Welcome home!

Diane said...

great work-- i love the look

Mrs.French said...

Gorgeous work...definitely a bookmark! Thanks for the intro dear Patricia!

pve design said...

melissa -
yes, her work is so free and I love her use of color!
gathering my shots and artwork from my trip for future posts, in between the daily tasks at hand.

erika said...

love, love, love it!

la la Lovely said...

What a great post and introduction to a new artist. I love the style of their home and the colorful art. I am hoping to go to Holland in the future. My sister, who just graduated art school, was just there for her 3rd time and she just loves it. Very inspiring.

PS- thanks for the mention and for adding me to your blogroll. I've added you to mine as well!

enc said...

Oh, I do like those paintings!

pve design said...

many silver shoes and accessories in europe along with heels, lots of gladiator sandals too and sack like shift dresses that look great on all those thin parisian women!