Thursday, April 19, 2012

pinterest and design

Are you pinning?  Do you know about pinterest.
Read these five things about pinterest here.

 Pinterest allows one so much creative license to express ones self by pinning images onto a category of visual boards.
They no longer need to be filed away in a drawer taking up space.
Trust me, everyone has images that they collect, perhaps for planting a seed or for sprouting an idea.
It could be a recipe or something motivational.
Gardening happens to be a huge category these days.
Decor, lifestyle, art, creating and inspiring others is all part of what fuels my passion for life.
I am not alone.
I had the pleasure of attending a small intimate setting at Crush in Larchmont, NY to hear Jennifer Mehditash speak about the benefits of pinterest and design.
Jennifer has a passion for life, design and interiors and blogging too.
Thank-you Jennifer for sharing your expertise and your enthusiasm for life and design and the ways that social media can be a such a great support for one's image.

Do you pin?
What are you pinning now?
Care to follow my pinterest boards, click over here.


Formerly known as Frau said...

I love Pinterest....I pin all sorts of things and I have actually made a few DIY and recipes I pinned!

Diane said...

It is a great way to gather your ideas, get new ideas and organize pictures. It's helpful to see things together and recognize recurring themes. It is also too much fun... I love that your board for books actually has books! Thanks for sharing!

Christina said...

Pinterest is such a great way to gather your own ideas. We are renovating our basement right now and I was able to show my builder exactly what I was thinking in my head!

Belle on Heels said...

You know I love me some Pinterest! But I still love my hard copy inspiration files. I have big binders with magazine pages, computer print-offs, etc. organized by category. I've saved them over the years and it still brings me so much joy to flip through them!

P.S. clicked on one of your ads. I just monetized too, so feel free to return the favor :)

pretty pink tulips said...

Oh, i'm pinning all right. Love having an inspiration file that doesn't get dog-eared and can be seen at a glance!

Happy Spring day, Patrica!
xo Elizabeth

Jennifer C. Webb said...

it is crack for the visually-minded. Much more organized that my hard copy file for sure. Always enjoy your pins

Would have loved that lecture, how interesting

Oh the boxwood topiary...I took so many pictures of it, the host made me take one home. So happy

Town and Country Mom said...

"Better living through pinning" is my new motto, or one of them anyway. I've found--and implemented!--a lot of great ideas from Pinterest. I love it, and, of course, I follow you, Miss PVE.

Joyce said...

I broke out of box and now pin all the time. I am also following you. :)

Lisa Mende said...

totally addicted!

onnery said...

Have been Pinning for quite a while and love it - no more torn out magazine pages!! I do wish that Pinterest figures a way to keep the hackers off. Has anyone else had some questionable Pinners follow them only to discover that their Pins lead to inappropriate websites,etc.?

BRASWELL said...

I am a pinterest devotee. However Belle on Heels put it correctly when she said "love my hard copy inspiration files". I still love them also.

Jennifer Mehditash Dec-a-Porter said...

HI Patricia
Thank you so much for sharing this.. I am glad that you enjoyed my talk .. (even though it was maybe not the best setting ;-) but I do hope we get a chance to meet again..
WOuld be happy to give another talk or 2 or 3) helping explain in more detail how to monetize and draw referral traffic to the max using Pinterest.
xo Jennifer @decaporter

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