Friday, April 20, 2012

funny friday

 Yesterday afternoon, I have to confess to causing a ruckus and a few giggles.
I love thick accents and sometimes I just cannot help myself.
When there are tense moments, laughter can make serious stuff suddenly downright silly.

Have you ever laughed so hard you were literally crying?
 Did you know that laughter is contagious?
People who laugh live longer and are more fun to be with.
Laughter produces good endorphins.
A few years ago, I took my children to a neighborhood laughing class.
We worked so hard at laughing that our belly's ached.
I hope you find the time to make someone laugh today.
Did you ever think that making someone laugh could actually make them feel better?

Now go ahead and leave a comment that will make me laugh.
It is friday, make it funny.


The Buzz Blog said...

I would have loved to hear you with a thick accent! One of my boys' rowing coach is from the Urkraine and I think he writes his emails with Google translate. Here's his latest advice to his racing team "Now is the time to stay sober. There's nothing illegal or immoral about wanting to win a race!" He had the boys rolling... Happy Friday, Patricia!

P.S. It was great to catch up the other day!

Amanda C. Bee said...

:-) what a great post for Friday! I love to laugh too! And laughing class? Where can I sign up!

Formerly known as Frau said...

I watch the Ellen show and Wanda Sykes was on yesterday....she made me laugh so hard I was crying! Plus her accent is a hoot! Have a wonderful weekend!

I Dream Of said...

Knock knock. Who's there? Orange. Orange who? Orange you glad that PVE started your day with laughter!
Such a lovely thought to start the day on... I'll be looking for things to giggle at all weekend long. Hope yours if filled with fun an lots of laughs! XO

VictoriaArt said...

You? Accent? Need to hear that one!
But laughing til I cry, oh yes!
Many years ago I was working a nightshift at a hospital in Germany, not much was going on and the doctor and I were sitting over coffee to stay awake. We talked about this and that, I do not remember, but eventually we joked about some actor, we laughed so hard, anytime we saw each other, we started again... It was hilarious. I forgot all about the joke, but I never forget the hauling laughters we could not suppress!
There must have been something in that coffee!

home before dark said...

My Junior Leaguer MIL could have a prim side, but she was devilishly funny. She was the one who could never pronounce a-lum-in-num. Her version started at al-u-min and ended with a number of num num nums.

So this woman called to make an appointment to take her son's car in for new tires. She said, "May I speak to your auto-may-tive department?" She laughed so hard she hung up. She tried three other times and it was always the same mispronounced word, laughter, hangup.

She said, "I've got to get this done." She called again and she barely got out auto, when the man interrupted her and said, "Lady, I don't know what you're on, but I'll connect to the auto-mo-tive dept."

My MIL is dead so I can tell you she laughed so hard she wet her pants.

I don't think I ever loved her more!

pretty pink tulips said...

I love a good belly laugh and my youngest son has the BEST laugh. Hearing him laugh makes you want to join right in.

I'm afraid I wasn't making my contractor laugh today when I hit him with a few things, as he was coming down the hill to my house (I was walking Molly). But, by the end of the day, I did manage to make him smile.

Have a boisterous weekend...full of laughs.
xoxo Elizabeth said...

I love to make people (and myself laugh). I was voted class clown from 8th grade to high school superlatives and even in my sorority. And, I do a swell southern drawl that usually involuntarily comes out when I drink.

annie said...

Oh how I wish I had something to say that would make you laugh! I so agree with you! When my daughter was in middle school was about the time I realized that i laugh quite a lot...and I laugh out loud which of course makes it aside from being total embarrassment to my darling children...i do love a good laugh...and absolutely nothing makes my day more than when I see a little child laugh...just like in your adorable photo!

annechovie said...

i needed to read this post! Thanks,P!
Hope you have a great weekend! xo

Brillante Interiors said...

I met my best friend in grade 6 many decades ago and we still often gasp for air when we say nothing special (to others) on the phone (long distance calls but so precious and frequent). My mother? she always said it is important to have a good laugh every day, she had a great and very long life! Thanks for this post, Patricia.

MJH Design Arts said...

I don't know if this will make you laugh but Jones (huge poodle) is a rocker --he joins Elton John for "Benny and the Jets", Mick Jagger for "Symphony for the Devil", CCR and a host of other rockers when their songs come on the radio. When anyone hears him trying to keep a tune as he sings (he knows all of the notes) they have to sit down to keep their balance. Yes, I know I need to film him and send it to Ellen. Have a happy, laughing week-end. My 5 year old grand daughter laughs just like the little girls in the photo--so precious. Mary

BRASWELL said...

I can laugh at just about anything!+ use to get me in trouble , I was suppose to be quiet in church-and wouldn't you know that is when I got the giggles. What a grand post to read on a Weekend morning.

Patricia Nichols said...

My grandfather always used to say "Laugh and the
world will laugh with you, cry and your shoes just end up soggy." My continued philosophy about laughter
and life. Laughter, and "dry" shoes are MUCh better. :)

Maryl said...

I find I laugh out loud at stupid sitcom TV programs more now than before. Is that an age thing? Mostly, I laugh so deep so I can't speak with my blog partner and bestest friend, Caryl. How lucky am I!