Friday, February 24, 2012

winter whites

As I lifted my head from the pillow, my eyes opened and I could automatically tell that it has snowed overnight.  A fresh blanket of winter white beckoning me to wake up as if it were my morning alarm.
Have you ever noticed that after a snowfall, everything seems to take on a wintery violet hue.
As the sun rises, the golden sun is reflected in the snow and even the bark of the trees turn from gray to gold as if they were reveling in the snow and playing with one another.

One of my favorite Amerlican painters, Fairfield Porter captured these idyllic winter scenes with such grace and harmony.  I would love to collect winter landscape paintings.


Design is... All in the Detail said...

Gorgeous! thanks so much for sharing have a great weekend!

Purple Flowers said...

Thank you for sharing these winter white paintings. They are very cozy to look at.
I hope you've enjoyed your skiing venture.

Beauty Follower said...

Beautiful paintings!

Cheryl said...

I woke to Alexandra running in to wake me, "Mom, look snowed!!!!!"
It was breathtaking.
I love the paintings.
There is a quiet and purity to the earth after the snow.
So grateful for that this morning!

Acquired Objects said...

Beautiful paintings and we're being blanketed in winter white now!

Happy Friday!

Joyce said...

I too woke up to a blanket, a heavy blanket of snow. It is heavy, but so pretty on the trees. It is still snowing this morning. Enjoy your fresh snow!! xo

LPC said...

The violet in that first painting is just beautiful.

for the love of a house said...

They are indeed beautiful paintings Patricia! I am jealous that you got snow... we were expected to get 3-4 inches several days ago and we only got a few snowflakes that quickly melted:( I was actually looking forward to a snow day where you don't feel guilty not doing anything important!!

happy weekend!

I Dream Of said...

Don't you just love the sounds of snow, Patricia? The different charge the air takes so you know the world has been blanketed in white before you even look outside? This is such a beautiful post. No snow here, but you took me there in my mind's eye and I am so grateful for the quick trip. Agree, the winter white landscapes are lovely. Hope to get a packet out to you this week... and it looks like I will be in NYC in April! Would be lovely to meet up again. Happy Weekend, Jeanne

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