Saturday, February 04, 2012


I adore pink grapefruit.
Seriously, I want to frame this image.
Is it not art?
What could be better than enjoying freshly squeezed citrus in the midst of Winter.  Well, maybe a citrusy sorbet during the heat of Summer.  I adore this image from Hungry

Do you ever add citrus to a salad or a squirt to a wintry dish?


Joyce said...

I enjoy citrus salads. I think the photo would be cool framed. Enjoy!! xo

Acquired Objects said...

I'm with you on the citrus and add it all the time to my cooking since it brings flavors out.

Enjoy your weekend!

Cheryl said...

I don't tend to add it to things, but I love to peel and eat it like an orange.... just yummy!!!!
The photos are wonderful!

Anonymous said...

I've just added a squeeze of lemon juice to lentil soup and often use lime juice in cooking. On a hot summers day a citrus salad is delicious and the images are fabulous!

Purple Flowers said...

I loved grilled pink grapefruit.
That second photo would be beautiful framed for a kitchen. So colorful!

Karena said...

I usually add orange section, must try the pink grapefruit! Very artful images!

Art by Karena

Design is... All in the Detail said...

You do have the eye! Lovely images and yes, ready for a frame. Have a wonderful weekend.

quintessence said...

I adore pink grapefruit too as well as those gorgeous images!!

Maryl said...

I, of course, use lemon juice on my salads and sometimes tangerine wedges. Zest of lemon in a sauce for chicken cutlets really perks up the dish. I'm going to play with the pink grapefruit. It's so pretty!

Denise said...

Yum! I have red grapefruit in the kitchen and I'm going to go get one right now because of this post...Thanks!

René said...

We enjoy grapefruit every morning. Seasonal fruit is always the best. And yes, that image is a work of art.