Monday, February 27, 2012

find simplicity

Einstein never ceases to inspire me.
A few weeks ago, there was a whole lot of discord going on inside this cabinet.
Then I found harmony.
Simple bins for storing items.
Labels to find things easily.
Our Winter Break is over and I will be back to work with a perfectly ordered cabinet full of supplies.
Hope you make time to find simplicity in your day.


Acquired Objects said...

I'm a virgo so I'm an organizational Enjoy your cabinet!


The Buzz Blog said...

Dedicating next weekend to cupboards and closets and you're an inspiration to me! Happy Monday, PVE!

Joyce said...

Simplicity is good and I think you are ready to get to work. :)
Are these images from your new studio? I love the green color too.
I love my label gun and trips to the Container store! xo

Jennifer C. Webb said...

the older I get, the more simplicity I crave...oh to be that organized. Great way to start the week

I Dream Of said...

You are inspiring me. There is a distinct surplus of clutter in my world. How nice to have everything in it's place! Happy Monday! said...

an organized closet is so satisfying! Things don't ever stay that way in the monkey house though - so frustrating. Enjoy your simplicity.

pretty pink tulips said...

I have been feeling in disarray. Dust, stuff where it doesn't belong. Visitors. Trips. I can not wait to settle in to a fresh, reorganized space.

I find that organization brings me calm. So happy you've found yours!!!

Sherri Cassara said...

LOVE the quote. Order definitely makes my life less complicated!

Stephanie Sabbe said...

this needs to be my motto! love the bathroom!!!! lookin' good!!

Purple Flowers said...

I love my simplistic ways of organizing our home. We have "stuff" certainly, however, it is neatly organized. Gives me peace of mind and a smile. :)
So glad you found yours!

cc nigro said...

lusting. seeing all of your fabulous container store goodies :-) I have a zillion of those clear shoe boxes and use them for everything. I enjoy being organized. Thanks for sharing - it's motivating!

Maryl said...

I'm a Virgo too and I so appreciated this post. See my recent post and you'll understand why, I love the feeling of being organized. Now staying organized is another matter.