Thursday, February 09, 2012

pve happy montage

This happens to be one of my favorite illustrations done for J.McLaughlin years ago.  It made me happy then and now.  Over fifteen years ago, drawing, raising my children, and juggling my life - much like a collage or montage.

The idea of a collage or montage of sorts came to me while the challenge of gathering all the shops at that time was mind you simply around a dozen.  Now there are over 40 J.McLaughlin shops.  
The above artwork appeared in several magazines and was used for a press kit.

Just the other day, I spied a reputable madison avenue shop advertisement in The Wall Street Journal which had a similar hand to that of my artwork and it made me smile to think that perhaps might have inspired another artist or merchant.  Like any good parent, I stood up straighter knowing that leading by example goes without saying.

A few years ago, I sent out my own montage in the form of a post card which showed snippets of the array of artwork that I do.  I love looking back and also looking ahead to compile recent works and am in the hopes of having an illustrated book one day.  As I edit and piece my work together I realize that this makes me happy.   

I hope that you will look at your work as one happy montage.  Part of being a designer, an artist, a parent or even a friend is being able to stand back and see life as a collage of events, moments and memories.  Thank-you for your support of my artwork.  You have no idea how happy you make me.


Cheryl said...

I love the montage.. you have a way of capturing a moment, a feeling, which is what art is all about. I love looking at your creations. This one made my day, and we don't have any shops here in Rhode Island!!

The Zhush said...

ADORE this montage as well, no doubt you inspire SO many!

Joyce said...

You have no idea how many lives you touch my friend. :) You always set a good example for us to learn or live by. xo

Southern Lady said...

Your artwork is so inspiring! My life seems like a busy collage of events right now. Maybe I need to just sit back and savor each moment! :) Carla

Purple Flowers said...

I think life is a montage, full of different things but with a strong connection. I love your artwork, and it appears so do many others.

Kwana said...

How sweet. Such happy illustrations. Wonderful post.

Jennifer C. Webb said...

leading by example indeed! Your work so well suited to JMcLaughlin...both are fresh and original. Always look forward to visiting their Charleston and Charlotte shops

Belle on Heels said...

Ooooh I love the illustration with the topiaries. So charming!

I Dream Of said...

Makes me smile just to look at your happy montage - I could get lost wandering around that J. McLaughlin illustration. Love the idea of thinking of the work over the years as one long montage - I might have to pull a few pieces together and see what comes of it! Thanks for the inspiration -- aren't we lucky to have art to make us happy! XO

Janelle McCulloch said...


I LOVE these architectural and map illustrations! They are so beautiful.
Both are just what I want for 2 books I'm working on. Would you consider doing book covers?
One is of New York and the other is on Chanel. (The Chanel illo might be an end paper or content's page - not sure yet).

Janelle McCulloch

welltraveled said...

Your art work is inspiring.
Thank you ..You are a favorite blog ,I look at first thing every morning

Rooms Bloom said...

Love the montage too!!! I just love your paintings!

Aspiring Kennedy said...

ok, this was a serving of humble pie for me... you see someone replicate your work and you feel inspired and proud. i've been stewing over the "should-say" snotty response to someone copying me for weeks. i was literally broadsided by your elegant perspective.

and voila, you've just inspired someone else to act like you (though in a less creative way). :)

The Entertaining House said...

I love that... Life IS a montage, isn't it?!!

Your illustrations never cease to put a smile on my face.

Living Life in the Lowcountry said...

I have one of those post cards you sent out! I keep it on my bulletin board in the kitchen and I smile every time I see it, plus it reminds me that one day I am going to have you do an illustration for me!

KricketM said...

I'm so thankful you captured that lovely day we had at Watersound with our first daughter and two hairy boys! :)

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