Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thanksgiving hunt

This original oil painting was a special commission and now I am pleased to offer 5 x 7 note-cards of this image in my etsy shop. Just in time for Thanksgiving, these wonderfully loyal Gordon Setters will bring joy to every hunt. It was a thrill to paint these gorgeous "gun dogs" as they gaze at the prey up the tree.


Purple Flowers said...

A gorgeous oil painting! You have the talent to vary your style of creating art.

bricarwaller said...

Terrific! I'm sending out Thanksgiving greetings this year since we aren't traveling to be with family. Wonderful painting!

Barbara said...

Fine art by PVE, beautiful.

Rebecca said...

I too think you have the talent to vary the style of your art work.

I have Nicholas Mosse red tulip pottery. Loving your not red tulip work of a couple posts ago. And then the fall one of today is wonderful.

Next year I will see if you can do something special for me.

I Dream Of said...

So beautiful. I can almost hear the dogs and the crunch of fall leaves!

Joyce said...

These beautiful cards are indeed in time for the turkey hunt! xo

PS Have fun on your date.