Friday, November 26, 2010

in the black

deck the halls in black for black friday

cape from Gryphon-NY
Don we now our black apparel
tis the season to proceed with

Double Black diamond experts will be hitting the stores
while I dream of a black magic tub.
or a quiet black corner
or to ponder the leftovers

or to get someone's goat?

Burberry leather gloves
who are we kidding?

red bowl from heath ceramics
Coupons and commercials try to bowl us over~and beckon us to shop
anticipating bundles to drop
and to put us all
"in the red."

red currant from benjamin moore
Well in the mood for red anyway, right?
A bucket of red seems fun right now.

What inspires you today, on black friday?


Purple Flowers said...

Vivaldi's "Four Seasons" (CD playing as I type). I am inspired to lie on the sofa and reflect on Thanksgiving dinner, my family and our conversations that we had yesterday. A day to savor.

David Toms said...

What a fun post! Love the black interiors

pve design said...

love Vivaldi's Four Seasons!
Savor the sounds and delights of today, yesterday and tomorrow.

Yes, those black interiors are quite chic,but I hear that they are now "passe"-

Joyce said...

I have a little light going on in my blog today. If you go out shopping have fun! xo

Emily said...

Your post inspires me! Also, the challenge to make something more homemade this year instead of putting myself "into the red!" Happy Thanksgiving Patricia - hope it was delicious and enjoyable.

bicocacolors said...

I love this selection of black,
the touch of red dot at the end...the best!
happy weekend

quintessence said...

LOVE these - such a clever post for today - have always wanted to have a black high gloss pantry - so chic!

The Zhush said...

Inspired by all these chic items you have featured here!

home before dark said...

I don't think of black as days of future passe. I think they are classic. I am a black and and white and red all over kind of girl. What inspires me today: a fire going, music playing, cleaning up from yesterday, the lovely idea I don't have to be out among the hordes today but home and cozy...with leftovers!

bricarwaller said...

Such a clever post:) My son is inspiring me today. For over a month I've been telling him we could put Christmas decorations up the day after Thanksgiving. Sure enough he has a memory like a steel trap and he climbed in our bed at 5 a.m. ready to go.

Bruce Barone said...

I am wearing dark blue today. Our living room I painted Benjamin Moore "Poppy." Our new Jetta is Platinum Gray Mettalic. And there is a Red Male Cardinal outside my window.

Jeannie said...

Colors black and white always look so clean and crisp!!!!

ACH said...

In my family, the day after Thanksgiving is spent partially in cleaning mode (returning the house to normal operating conditions), and partially relaxing by the fire and enjoying the afterglow of yesterday's activities. We might fit a little shopping in, too...

Hill House Ramblings said...

I adore black. Haha, I will choose to see it as a good thing! Loved this post Patricia. Hope your Turkey Day was lovely!


Verdigris Vie said...

Very dramatic for a black Friday !!

you are so funny.. not going under the knife any time soon...ha ha..

I will have to look up Carol reed, i love to meet local bloggers..


Ragland Hill Social by Gwen Driscoll said...

Love every drop of black! Hope you are having a great holiday weekend. So need to check in with you about our little project. Hope you are well.

Aspiring Kennedy said...

you are so clever. :)

i love that cape. put on some great boots and i'd tromp around in that any ole day. especially today, since we are expecting snow!! :)

pretty pink tulips said...

Love the black! Mary Poppins was wearing some - that's where we were and it was magical. My 6 year old said "I don't understand it all, but I like it". Words to live by!!

Hope your holiday was anything but dark!!
xo Elizabeth