Friday, October 16, 2009

trunk show

pve design - "trunk show" illustration for J.McLaughlin
You probably thought that by the title of this post, that I would show you an array of swimming trunks, but no, just a stack of vintage trunks. We have a stack in our home perched on an amoire and I love the old leather. They were given to me by a dear old friend whose initials had been inscribed. He traveled first class with these trunks and even a trip on the QE II. If only these trunks could talk. What would your trunks say about you. Are your trunks gathering dust or are you a frequent flier?
Have a happy friday wherever your trunks may go!


Debra said...

My trunks wouold say..."I'm stuffed, enough...NO MORE". Despite my efforts {and I have really, really tried} I always over pack. I guess it's my, 'better safe than sorry' attitude.

Debra said...

P.S.- Why doesn't blogger have spell-check???

pve design said...

Once I traveled to Europe with what I call "onesies"
one pant, one top, one jacket, one dress and several scarves and I was so delighted to travel light.
Accessories are really all show and the rest is just the "vehicle"~

Purple Flowers said...

My trunks would say "I am happily over the top, but willing to put on more miles." The Greek Islands are just waiting for me! :)

a. said...

I always love your J.Mac drawings. I am happy my mom's company is doing their packaging again!

pve design said...

it is all about packaging - and all about relationships and then there are the trunk shows...
thanks for your comment!